Giuliana Rancic Wants A Big Family

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Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill have been through the gamut of emotions in the past year; between Giuliana's breast cancer diagnosis and the couple welcoming their first son through a gestational carrier in August, Rancic says it's been several months full of the best and worst things in her life.

“In one year, so much has happened,” Rancic said. “This was the best year of my life because of the baby and it was the worst year of my life because of the breast cancer. But it just goes to show that if you’re strong and you’re positive, great things can come out of the darkest time in your life."

Rancic credits a mandatory mammogram--which came about because of the fertility treatments she was receiving when she and Bill were trying to have a baby on their own--with early detection of the cancer. In fact, Bill says that in a way, their son saved her life.

As far as the baby in question--Edward Duke--Giuliana says she and Bill are totally enamored of him and spend as much time with him as they possibly can.

“At like seven in the morning, we bring him into our bed, and we’ll just be with him for three hours at a time," she said. "It’s just great, because he kind of dozes off. We look at each other, and he’s just precious. It’s a nice bonding time.”

When asked if the couple has been thinking about future additions to their family, she said, “You know, not yet. One at a time. But I’ve always wanted a big family.”

Amanda Crum
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