Gillian Anderson Talks Nude Jamie Dornan and Possible X-Files Sequel


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Fifty Shades of Grey fans aren't the only ones who can't stop thinking about Jamie Dornan naked. His co-stars cannot either.

Gillian Anderson and Dornan star in The Fall, where they play a detective and a serial killer, respectively. On Thursday, The Fall premiered its second season on BBC2. During The Fall promotional tour, Anderson discussed some of the fans' most pressing questions and spoke about working with Dornan.

Season 1 of The Fall had no face-to-face interaction between its leads. Anderson and Dornan's only scenes together involved phone conversations. The Fall season 2 finally transitions their characters from on the phone conversations to in-person ones. So Anderson shared her thoughts on Dornan's acting and demeanor.

"Jamie's a great guy, really grounded and funny and personable and lovely to everybody and works very hard. He gets an opportunity in the second season to show how good an actor he is. I think that was an effort on (writer-director Allan Cubitt's) part to create some meatier stuff," Anderson told the Canadian Press.

Besides admiring his talents, Anderson did admit his upcoming gig as Christian Grey has tainted her thoughts about the actor. "I could only see him naked from the moment he walked in. It was really distracting," she jokingly said.

— BBC Two (@BBCTwo) November 13, 2014

Dornan won't be doing a full-frontal nude scene in Fifty Shades of Grey. In his interview with the Guardian, he revealed that it's in his contract for viewers not to see everything.

— BBC Two (@BBCTwo) October 28, 2014

Anderson also recently went on ITV's This Morning to discuss The Fall. She left fans with a shocker: she still believes that "the truth is out there."

When asked about whether the X-Files could return either in television or film form, she responded: "Yes, there is a possibility." She gave more explanation by saying, "There is always a possibility, it's always a matter of it actually happening - and there's a lot that needs to happen between the idea and actually turning up on set, and I don't unfortunately have any control over that. But would I do it? I would, yes."

The Fall's second season makes its US debut on January 16 on Netflix.