Giant Wave Kills Tourist in Mexico

By: Sean Patterson - March 7, 2013

The Associated Press is reporting that a giant wave hit two tourists on a beach in Cabo San Lucas, dragging them out to sea and killing one of them.

A 65-year-old woman was killed by the freak wave, while a 70-year-old man is now in serious condition. The wave struck near the famous El Arco natural arch at the resort community, located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

The AP report quotes state police as saying the man and woman were walking along the beach to their hotel when the incident occurred. The Navy was dispatched to recuse them, but the woman later died.

Officials have not released the names of either of the victims, though authorities told the AP that the woman was carrying a driver’s license from Wisconsin, while the man was carrying one from Nebraska.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular tourist destination for its beaches. Tourists and cruise ships come to the beach resorts there to scuba dive, watch the abundant marine life, and surf the waves.

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  • Gary Anderson

    I know that in San Francisco there is a beach where big waves can come in with a lot of force. The ocean needs to be respected. I have spent a lot of time on certain beaches that seem to be safe from any bad things happening. But you never know.

  • jerry

    I owned a time share on that beach for 13 years. You can’t get too close to that surf’ it’s the Pacific ocean, you can’t swim in it either. You are only able to go in the water at the “arch beach” which is small inside on the cabo bay side at the arch area beach. It’s a tragedy that could have been avoided with a little common sense.

  • Armand Hammer

    Their time was up, nothing more nothing less, just fate.

  • jo mama

    the waves need to his southern california all the way to the mountains. maybe then it can clean out the filth. that and the rest of mexico. and washington d.c. and maybe NYC while their at it.

    • llh

      Nice. As long as it doesn’t touch an area where your perfect and higher-than-mighty loved ones live, right?

    • vic

      you are a asshole

  • aromus

    technically their called “sneaker waves”

    • aromus

      technically they’re called “sneaker waves”

  • Kathy Baker

    I agree with the person that said, “You have to respect the Ocean.”

    Especially the Pacific. It is wicked. If it wants you, it will take you!

    I have been there and love Cabo but will not do battle with the Pacific Ocean. You will always lose!

    Also, there needs to be more warning signs on that particular beach.

    How would two people from our Midwest know anything about the Pacific Ocean? Maybe it was their first time.

    I don’t think that common sense or lack of, had much to do with it!

  • Patrick

    If you have ever been to that spot, you know you are warned not to get on the rocks because of the waves. You shouldnt even need to be warned, you can tell its dangerous just looking at the waves hitting the rocks.