George Strait Up For Entertainer Of The Year At CMA's


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It's beginning to look like quite the rewarding week for country singer George Strait.

On Monday, Strait was given the Founders Award at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Country Music Awards. ASCAP made the announcement in August that they would be honoring the "King of Country Music" with the award.

Strait received a tribute from fellow country artists Alan Jackson, Lee Ann Womack, and Garth Brooks. Former President George W. Bush was even in a video congratulating Strait. In the video he said, "George Strait's talents transcend generations." He later added, "Being called 'President George' is OK, but 'King George' has a mighty fine ring to it."

Next up, Strait will attend the Country Music Association Awards (CMA's) on Wednesday. "King George" has been nominated for the Entertainer of the Year Award. He'll be up against the likes of Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Taylor Swift.

Previously, Strait won the award in 1989 and 1990, and was last nominated in 2009.

We won't find out till Wednesday night if Strait will win, but we do know he at least has one vote - his own.

In a meeting with reporters Monday, Strait said, "Of course I voted for myself. I always vote for myself. I figure everybody does, why wouldn't I? It's such an honor. It's been a while. We had a great year, it really was a great year, and any time you get nominated for entertainer of the year, which is the award of the night, it's very, very special. I'm excited about it. I'll be very nervous that night."

If Twitter has anything to say about it, Strait seems to be a heavy favorite for the award.

The other nominees respect Strait and have learned a lot from the country icon. "In my opinion when all is said and done, there will be two artists viewed as the greatest influences on country music: Hank Williams Sr. and George Strait," said Shelton.

Said Bryan, "When I moved to town, I kind of wanted a career like George Strait. A long career that starts here and it's always been on George's terms. And he's always cut amazing songs and wonderful music and had a long career that you can tell looks like he's always enjoyed it. And he's always been happy."

"He's been around for 30-something years, and not only been around for 30 years, but been relevant to the business for 30-something years. I mean, still putting out music that people love, still able to go out and sell out his shows when he tours. That just doesn't happen....That's why there is only one George Strait," said Aldean

Swift said, "For me George is always going to be the guy who let me open up his shows when I was 17 and it was at that point in my life the biggest break I'd gotten as far as live touring because I got to be on the George Strait tour. I learned so much from performing on an in-the-round stage and I think that he over the years has been so supportive, and I'll get a text every now and then from him just sort of wishing me well. He's just such a class act. He's just such an incredible example of how to be a gracious, humble, well-respected human being."

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