Gay Pride Fines Law Passes Russian Parliament

    June 11, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Gay pride is a dangerous thing to publicize in many parts of the world. Now those who want to do so in Russia will face heavy fines.

Fox News reports that the lower house of Russian parliament has approved a law that would fine those who publicly display gay pride. The bill was overwhelmingly approved with 436 members voting in favor, none voting against, and only one – Ilya Ponomaryov – abstained from the vote.

Officially, the law calls for a ban on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual values.” If put into effect, the law would ban groups from handing out LGBT information and holding gay pride rallies. Both President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church have come out in favor of the law. They both blame homosexuals for Russia’s declining birth rate, a degradation of values, and a general resistance towards authority.

It’s reported that many members of the Russian homosexual community attempted to protest outside of parliament as the bill was being debated, but were soon attacked by Orthodox Christians and groups loyal to Putin. The police soon moved in and arrested the protesters. There were also reports saying members of the homosexual community were beaten by masked men on another street.

The bill’s passage has been decried by LGBT and human rights groups around the world. Those groups may find themselves in trouble, however, if they decide to move in and help protesters. The bill as it stands allows the government to arrest and deport any foreigners spreading “homosexual propaganda” in Russia.

  • http://webpronews Proud2BOrthodox

    As an American convert to Orthodoxy I AGREE with this.Now if Putin will get rid of Protestant Heretics & Holy Rollers .Russia is Orthodox.Can’t blame putin for not wanting our sick “values”.Putin your the man. I wish we had you hear instead of President Ovomit.

  • http://webpronews Proud2BOrthodox

    As an American convert to Orthodoxy I agree with this KUDOS TO PUTIN!!I cant blame putin for not wanting our immorality.Now if he will get rid of the Fundamentalists & holy rollers that are prostelyzing Russian Orthodox Christians.

  • Buck

    God Bless the Russians. You will see their fortunes increase while ours decreases. They are choosing life while evil people misuse their first amendment right to indoctrinate children in America’s public schools to accept homosexuality, promiscuity at a young age, and fornication as normal, nature, and therefore without fault. God Bless the Russians to eschew the influence of demons.

    • Name

      Fornication is normal. It is how you got here Buck.

  • Mizuha2009

    Look people, they didn’t make it illegal to be gay, just don’t go around displaying it, which should be sex in general. Geez, would you approve of someone teaching your kids all about BDSM or their poop fetish, or teaching them about bestiality? I think not!

  • http://www.absolutefaith.org Absolute Faith

    American Sodomites, Repent now or Perish!
    The living God does not respect anyone, whatever a nation sow that she will reap. All past risen empires lost their leadership when they rebelled against the living God’s commandments. Homosexuality is a sin against God’s moral, natural, spiritual and holiness laws of God. It is not suppose to be accepted by Godly fearing leaders. May God manifest His blessing upon Russian as they stand up for God. Our leaders are confused of the way to lead us because they practically deviated from the way of God.

  • John

    I hate it that the homosexual agenda takes perfectly good words and hijack them for their own cause. Take “gay” and “straight” for example. Before they took the word “gay” a homosexual person was referred to as “bent,” and a heterosexual person “straight.” But the former was deemed offensive so they coined “gay” for being homosexual, perverting an innocent word for “cheer” or “happy” while leaving heterosexual as “straight.” As a heterosexual myself, I resent being called “straight” I prefer to call myself, “normal.” They have also hijacked the rainbow for their own ends.

  • http://webpronews.com Betty

    Hats off to the Russian Parliament. They have the guts to do what the USA Congress does not. Let’s not offend anyone. yeah, right! I have friends who refuses to call same sex couples “gay”. They are HOMOsexuals and they should be called that.