Gary Sinise Honors Wounded Veterans

    February 28, 2014
    Heather Vecchioni
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In what could perhaps be the best news of the year so far, actor Gary Sinise is paying tribute to the troops, yet again.

Just when it seems that all hope in humanity is gone, Sinise can give you warm and fuzzies with what he did for 50 soldiers on February 14.

Through his charity, the Gary Sinise Foundation, Sinise treated the wounded veterans to all-expenses paid trip to Disneyland and Paramount Studios. He also flew them on a private charter plane and assisted in giving the group a police escort through Los Angeles.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Forrest Gump actor recruited some of his other famous friends to help give these heroes the treatment they deserve: Tom Hanks, Tom Arnold, and Ted Danson also showed up to greet the warriors.

Sinise has made a variety of efforts to honor the troops, ever since he played Lieutenant Dan in the epic film Forrest Gump. In the movie, Lt. Dan loses his legs in the Vietnam jungle, before being rescued by Gump, played by Tom Hanks. The two become best friends and ultimately partners in the shrimping industry. The character’s disability has created a connection between Sinise and those who were wounded serving the country.

See more of what the Gary Sinise Foundation does, here:

Inspired by the film, Sinise created his charity to create and support unique programs for veterans. Through the charity, Sinise has hosted a variety of events to honor the troops, and plays with his band, The Lt. Dan band, at military bases throughout America.

“There’s something different about this part,” he said in an interview. “I’ve walked into so many hospital rooms and they look at me and they think I know what they’re going through.”

During this trip, Sinise also arranged a showing of the iconic movie.

“There’s a hopeful ending to the story of Lieutenant Dan and all our wounded veterans want that story, that they can be standing up again and moving on with life and doing alright,” he continued. “The whole purpose is to send them home smiling. They should know what I’m trying to do here.”

Image via Gary Sinise Foundation, Twitter

  • Mercedes

    I Love Gary Sinise, I Love people whom Love our Country. He stands by his words and our war veterans. True American HERO!!! God Bless You Gary :)

    • Cate Stone

      I have so much respect for Gary. He has done so much good for our veterans. He is honest, sincere, he STANDS by his words, he has donated so much money to different charities around the world. Gary should run for president. The only person I do not like that is now in politics and (should have stayed in music) is Ted Nugent. He is pert, and right to the point and he is always angry when he appears on talk shows, its one thing to be angry, but to be down right nasty and loud is not right. He needs to tone it down about 10 notches. Have a great day Mercedes. Glad you feel the same way about Gary. He is sooo AMERICAN.

  • Harry S. Sebastian

    Classy guy.

  • Jane

    What a big heart he has!!! Loved him when he was in CSI; now I love him even more…. I have a son who just retired from military service after 26 years. He retired with PTSD and finally got help from the Veterans Hospital. This video brought tears to my eyes and love for these men for what they’re doing for our HEROES!!!!

  • Tbear62

    Here is a guy who not only has the talent to act but doesnt just slap his name on something and show up for photo ops when its convenient. I have to say the same about Denis Leary and Sean Penn as well. They do this stuff without calling the paparazzi to cover it and get the pictures to prove they did something nice. They all do it because they want to, because they think it needs to be done and they could care less about self promotion while doing it. Take Note Hollywood !

  • Concerned

    Thanks Gary for all you do for the men who serve our country. I know there are a lot of actors who make millions playing soldiers in the movies but when it comes to honoring them or giving back they disappear. A lot of hypocrisy out there. Thank you again.

  • jennifer d

    gary sinise is the man. the REAL man.

  • Wayne Jones

    God bless our wounded veterans…….. God bless Gary Sinise

  • maniacred

    As a Marine and Army Vietnam Combat Veteran, I’m very impressed with Mr. Sinise’s efforts, money, and time for our veterans. However, I have to ask why he never served in our nation’s military. I would hope its a legitimate reason.

    • Nathan

      Do you ask the same of the millions of other Americans who have never served or done ANYTHING to help our veterans? He does much more than the vast majority of Americans to bring well deserved attention to our veterans. 20 year Army retired vet here.

      • maniacred

        Yes. I ask every able bodied man and woman I meet, if they served or not. If not I ask why. If they did I express my appreciation. Mr. Sinise is a great spokesman for recruitment. However, the original question still begs an answer.

  • RU4Sure

    Does this guy think he’s the character he played in “Forest Gump” ?? Sorry but I’m just not into him at all.

    • Nathan

      Then why did you read the article db? Gary Sinise is a great guy, you could learn a lot from him. Hollywood could learn a lot from him too.

  • Just Jennifer

    Truly a great man.

  • commonsense1

    Where were the minority veterans , all races gave their lives for this country..

  • grandinettimichael

    Gary is my favorite actor. Take note Hollywood. this is what it is all about. God bless you Gary.

  • James Chastain

    America honors enertainers who die from drugs but few remember our vets. Thank yo Gary Sinise and all who thanks our vets.

  • John Villegas

    Mr Sinise has done more for his military brethren (and he is my Brother) than any other (maybe Hanks?) Hollywood type. I am personally glad he didn’t go to Nam! He has never wavered in his support!! Evan when the rest of US didn’t care. Thank you Mr! Sinise!

  • wallace sobel

    Dignity, class a great human being and American, as well as being a truly great actor. This is the type of person we need in the White House. Thank you, Gary Sinise, for being you!