“Full House” Reunion: Mary Kate And Ashley Are Life Ruiners

    September 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The cast of “Full House” got together over the weekend for a 25th anniversary reunion, minus the Olsen twins, because they’re presumably somewhere being thin and pretty and extremely busy with fashion. And while that kept things from being just about perfect for the rest of us, the remaining cast didn’t let that stop them from having a good time as John Stamos got his wish.

“I think if we’re going to do anything, we should do it while we’re all still looking okay. We should get together and do reunion for TV Land or something,” he said earlier this month. “I don’t know. It’s 25 years this September since it first started airing, and no matter what I do, that’s how people think of me. I’ve tried in the past to forget it and not be associated with it, but I’ve since learned to embrace it.”

Forget Uncle Jesse? How rude.

There have been a multitude of old shows getting together for their anniversaries lately, including the cast of “Roseanne”, so it was about time for our favorite T.G.I.F show to give us what we’ve been wanting: to see what Kimmy Gibbler has been up to. Apparently it includes dancing with Uncle Jesse to New Kids On The Block songs…life should be that wonderful for all of us.

  • Steven

    I don’t see the boys who played Jessie and Rebecca’s twin sons either…

    • Kyle

      Oh yeah, I forgot about the boys! I can tell you that I am tired of hearing about the Olsen twins, and don’t they ever smile!!!! I am tired of looking and hearing about them!

    • Sarah

      I dk where they are, but I know they did no acting after Full House… maybe that’s why– because no one knows where the hell they are. Kind of sad and good that the Olsen twins arent in the picture. But if they do a televised actual reunion show, if they aren’t there, everyone will hate them…. more than they already do now!

  • Glenn

    I enjoyed the show when it was on. It was a time of more innocent days for me. All the cast members seemed to play well off each other. It’s a real shame that the Olson twins chose not to participate in the reunion. They were very important to the show and this was the beginning of their careers. In my opinion, their absence only hurts their image and makes them seem a little stuck up.

  • parrotheadtink

    The Olsen twins are not “thin” they are scary-skinny, and they are not “pretty” with their very consistant heroin-chic raccoon-eyes. Now they are in the makeup biz…how appropriate. Heavily made-up washed-up sit-com kiddie stars are not all that interesting in the first place. ugh.

    • mike

      hahahahahaha you sir(or ma’am) hit it on point

  • http://yahoo greatgram jean

    when they were little, i thought the olsen twins were adorable. but, now that they are grown they are a pain in the rear anatomy. have not seen one picture of them that they didn’t look like they were on something.

  • Jack

    I guess the Olson twins are too “rich and famous” to hang out with the cast and crew that helped make them rich and famous in the first place.

  • Joe Mudder

    The Olsen twins are out of touch with reality! The think they didn’t make their money on all the parents who dragged their kids to their movies let alone buy their tapes and clothes. I SAY BOYCOTT EVERYTHING THAT THE OLSEN TWINS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH. F those two skinny ugly no personality & zero talent Ho’s

    • Mary Ann Wittkowske

      I think the Olsen twins are two of the biggest brats. They probably think it’s beneath them to reunite with the cast of the show that made them known.. Joe Mudder, I totally agree with you.

  • Austin

    Who are: The guy in the hat, the guy bottom right, and the guy next to Danny?

    • Nikki

      The guy next to Danny played DJ’s boyfriend, Steve. I don’t know who the other two guys are.

  • Michael F

    Austin, to answer your question, the two old people are the Olsen twins, without make up. So they actually did make the reunion. 😛

  • http://webpronenews.com pat

    I loved Full House and would love to see them do a reunion show with ALL of the cast members. Shame on the Olsen twins…who do you think gave you your start?Where would you be without Full House and your fellow cast members?

  • brittanymcvay

    i love full house and i miss them

  • Frankie

    It’s a total shame the Olsen twins did not participate in the reunion of the show that made them big stars in the first place. They must think they are too good to be a part of this cast reunion. It’s a slap in the face to all fans of the show.

  • Timothy

    As ridiculous as Full House was, and as silly as the story lines were, this show did give Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen their start, and they should have done the reunion.

    I have heard mixed reviews about them since they have grown up, and personally, the twins have turned into snobs.

  • Megan

    Well I can understand why the boy twins who played Uncle Jesse and Becky’s children weren’t there. They said they haven’t kept in touch with the cast since the show ended. I went on there twitter. The Olsens however, I don’t know why they couldn’t be there

  • ghf

    i hate the olsen twins for this karma will hit them lol :)

  • ghf

    how dare they what freaks i think they should’ve been there but they think there all that when there just a peice of s***

  • soraya

    iknow why the olsen twins did not make it because they were modeling but they wanted to make it but no one would let them leave.

  • mary kate

    i could not make it because they did not tell me.

    • Jada smith

      You’re a jake why would Mary Kate be wasting her time here when she could be off being a b****

      • Jada smith

        I meant fake

  • angie

    Full house is one of my favorite show and it would be nice if they are gonna do the official reunion movie. Hmm…I do not understand why everyone has been bad-mouthing about Olden twins being absent at the reunion. They had their own reasons which we could not know or vertified so it’s pointless to do so. I adore them all no matter what. Think about it, Full House would not be airing if without them.

  • Chuck

    I can’t believe that the Olsen Twins didn’t show! They were a main part if the show from the start! I could see the twin boys not being there, I mean they were there for 2 seasons! But the Olsen Twins were there for ALL 8 seasons! This started their careers! SHAME!!! :(

  • Tara Tompson

    How could you not go to a reunion that you grew up doing? That was their childhood! People grow up and change I suppose!

    Tara | http://www.wedorenos.com/about-us/project-management/

  • Chloe

    The Olson twins are too stuck up, and I hope one day they get what they deserve. Spoiled rotten rich kid celebrities! They like the “Drug addict look” apparently. The “it looks like I am a heroin addict and haven’t slept in days” look. the I want to date old perverts. If they have another reunion, they should make up something why the girls aren’t there like they both tragically died of a drug overdose. LOL!

  • KatieMick

    What if one of the cast had abused them as children? You don’t know why they didn’t go so stop treating them like objects for your entertainment.

  • OlsenSuck

    The Olsen twins are too good to be hanging out with rest of the peasants…. I mean Full House family.