Frozen McRib: Does This Gross You Out? [IMAGE]

By: Erika Watts - November 13, 2013

Let’s face it–we all know that there are very few menu items McDonald’s offers that are good for us, but sometimes we can’t quite pass up the temptation of a Big Mac or McRib (when available). Unfortunately for McRib fans (and we know the sandwich has developed something of a cult-like following), someone posted a picture of a frozen McRib patty online, and it looks nothing close to tasty.

A lot of people who eat the sandwich when it makes its return each year probably already figured that the “before” version of the McRib was less than appetizing, if they ever allowed themselves to think of the McRib in that way. Now McRib fans have a nice little visual thanks to a friend of a McDonald’s employee posting the picture.

Here is the McRib sandwich we all know and love:


And here is the frozen McRib, a photo you will probably want erased from your memory Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind style if you like to hit up McDonald’s when the sandwich is available:


That doesn’t look so appealing, does it? To be fair, not many foods looks super yummy when they’re frozen, but it’s doubtful that most look like flavorless slabs of misshapen ice. The question now is, will this affect McDonald’s McRib sales? Probably not. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen what fast food looks like before it is cooked (or doused in sauce)–remember the pink slime chicken nuggets? It’s probably safe to say that parents are still buying such nuggets for their kids by the truckload.

At any rate, the gross factor never seems to hang around to keep us away for long. And for those of you who aren’t deterred by the image and are mainly wondering whether this means the McRib is back, sightings of the sandwich have been reported.

Will you eat the McRib now or stay away for a while? Respond below. It looks like some Twitter users have seen enough.

[Image via YouTube]
Erika Watts

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  • billy smith

    sounds like a competitor is trying to run mickydees into the ground,its no secret all fast food is bad for the human body regardless of what it looks like, you have a choice, eat it or leave it

  • nicholas whitfield

    Show me one meat related product from any fast food joint that looks appealing in it’s just unpacked form. It is not like anyone thought they were back there slow cooking ribs and shaving the meat off onto a sesame seed bun.

  • SAT

    I didn’t eat in the first place

  • http://interneterxplorer Bud Miller

    Who let that Dumb Ass Billy Smith hog the whole site with his stupid damn crystal ball comments . A nut like that should never be allowed to sign on . ONE comment is adequate . Stuffing the ballot is just a very juvenile way of saying you really don`t have a point to make in the first place !!!!!

  • Mina

    There is absolutely nothing gross or shocking to see in that photo. How about showing us fish that have just been scaled and gutted? Meat parts being ground for sausage, anyone? Slabs of pressed fish frozen into planks ready to be sawn into fish sticks and steaks? Crabs being picked at a packing plant? Shrimp being processed on the water front?

  • http://interneterxplorer Bud Miller

    Get rid of that stupid ass Billy Smith .You have posted your IQ , which is maybe 12 1/2 !! Who in the hell do you think you are impressing with your dumb ass continuous posts
    on a subject you very show you know nothing about . Chill out dude & try & find a subject you can handle like , did Mickey Mouse really eat American cheese or bleu cheers . I think you would flunk that one too !!!

  • http://interneterxplorer Bud Miller

    Billy Smith … Get a life !!!

  • Nicholas

    EWWWWW That’s really gross!!!! I can’t believe they have the nerve to serve that to paying customers! It’s covered in ice and stuck together! I wouldn’t be surprised if the meat comes from China! Yucky Yucky Yucky!

  • Nick B

    Wait, the McRib is back??? Time to empty out the ole checking account.

  • brent hanson

    So what is frozen meat suppose to look like? Isnt meat supposed to b shipped frozen? What would it look like by time it got to the resturaunt if it was shipped nonfrozen? Hasnt any of these people seen frozen meat before? If u think this looks gross, u should see the mcribs i eat four days later.

  • Terry

    i will definitely be eating Mcribs. i am so glad to hear they are back. I look forward to their return each year. I don’t care what they look like when they’re frozen, what counts is the way they taste going down when they’re cooked and slathered in barbecue sauce!

  • adam orton

    Jesus Christ what do you morons expect a “frozen mcrib” to look like?

  • adam orton

    Jesus Christ, what do you morons think a frozen mcrib is supposed to look like?

  • Nathan Ewing

    Are people who are shocked at this, just plain stupid? Of course it’s a frozen meat patty when shipped to the different McDonalds. Did they think it wasn’t? What do they believe the hamburgers and French fries look like before being cooked?

    • Jet

      I thought McDonalds how cows in the back and they used circle cutters to make burgers…now I am just shocked and appalled at the thought that they use frozen meat. I mean no one would ever think to buy frozen meat would they?

  • Randy Abernathy

    The first time (and only time) I tasted one of these I almost threw up. I knew something was wrong with a McRib when I saw it didn’t have a McBone.

  • A Clockwork Hermit

    Anything in moderation is the key. I wonder what those chicken planks I get on my Subway sandwich are made of? The only things I order at McDonald’s are on the $1 menu. The McRib is not worth the price, IMO. Bottom line, fast food once a week and that’s it. I get a sandwich or 2 and no fries.

  • Veronica

    Doesn’t gross me out. Before I eat a homemade hamburger, there’s blood all over the meat!!!

  • http://Yahoo! M4392

    Hello I would not touch fast food of any kind, now. 4 years ago decided to diet and give up fast foods when I had a BK Whopper that ended up poisoned, was effected the next day, and ate nothing after that. Just stay with natural and organic foods and you will be happy and healthier,


  • Becki

    Doesn’t deter me. How else do people think they were made. They’re still going to sell a bunch!!

  • xfire

    It gets even worse! I heard that before it’s frozen, shaped, processed, and butchered it looks like a pig.

  • hollywoodnc

    If you think McRib is gross, you should see how McNuggets are made!

    You don’t think that they’re made from “Real Chicken”…DO YOU?


  • http://Yahoonews Adrian M.

    Yes I’ll still eat the McRibb. I wish I could buy some of the frozen patties for home. That way I can have them when they are not in season.

  • Ed

    I agree with Billy, I’m not gonna post it 30 times thou. It’s all good, frozen is frozen, all fast food place are the same. fries, onion rings, burgers and yes McRibs. So if you get grossed out, its because you live a sheltered Have a Blessed day.

    p.s. Billy, you are a dumb ass !!! one posting is enough, Just saying.

  • Howard

    Where’s the picture of the FROZEN meat patties?
    Will you think them gross?
    I want the McRib.

  • nick

    About like I expected…nothing out of the ordinary for a processed meat

  • http://webpronews/life becky

    The worst part of the McRib is what it is actually made of-yoga mat material-now that is gross.