Fried Roach With Your McDonald’s Hashbrowns?

    May 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A man who was enjoying a nice warm McDonald’s hashbrown yesterday claims to have found a rather disgusting surprise at the bottom: a deep-fried insect.

The man, identified on Reddit as LinkBoyJT, posted a photo of the offending potatoes, which shows a rather large bug attached to the bottom. While it has the coloring of a cockroach, it almost looks like a moth in the photo. And while consumers finding bugs in their fast food isn’t exactly a new story, one would think someone from the restaurant would have noticed this giant carcass clinging to the bottom of the food before they put it in the little paper sleeve.


LinkBoyJT says he went back to McDonald’s and showed them the fried treat, only to have the manager act indifferent about the whole thing.

“I took the thing and showed it to the manager and she marked my receipt so I could get the same meal for free the next time I come in for breakfast. She didn’t really seem all that concerned,” he wrote on Reddit.

If you search for “bugs in McDonald’s food” on Google or YouTube, you’ll find a disturbing array of stories from people all over the world who have discovered a little something extra with their meal. These people found an insect in their fries and captured it on video.

18-year old Hayley Parsons found bugs scurrying around her Happy Meal box after she ate a few fries while driving; she says she’ll never eat at McDonald’s again, although a spokesman for the restaurant did issue a statement apologizing to Parsons for what they called an “isolated incident”.

The sad fact is, it’s a risk we all take when eating fast food; we simply don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes when someone else is preparing our food. One would think, however, that a chain as huge as McDonald’s could afford to have some pest control.

  • ewwwwww

    That is just DISGUSTING & UNPROFESSIONAL! Makes me never want to eat fast food ever again! Just nasty!

  • http://www.samplestuff.com Sample Stuff

    that’s disgusting!

  • Timonthy Harps

    This is common at McDonald’s, I worked for McDonald’s for over 25 years, and I can tell you this happen more often then people think. I would not eat at McDonald’s only because I have the real background of how things are handle. Just beware, and keep your eyes open.

  • Candace Jackson

    So ummm this is pretty nasty

  • Super Man

    No big deal. It’s just protein.

  • Chris

    This makes employee snot almost seem desirable.

  • SG

    Funny how bugs and other things seem to be found in people’s food once they leave the restaurant, but you never hear of things being found in food while dining in. Huh, perhaps another lazy person seeking easy monetary compensation!

    • Meal

      Preach on.

  • jeremyb_7903

    the real scary thing is that these bugs are 1000 times healther to eat than a bag of fries.

  • OS

    The only thing I can say in McDonald’s defense is, how do we know the person didn’t plant that bug in the food to gain some type of interest? People know the media has a field day with stuff like this. Cause I’m sorry, but when you undo your hash brown out the package, if YOU cant see a bug on it, it’s something wrong with you, and something doubly wrong if you’re still eating.

  • Lisa Jones

    Send it out to an independent lab and if the roach was cooked in the same oil the man has a case. If it was cooked in a different oil from the hashbrown it was planted. I know it sounds bad but people plant things everyday.

  • chris

    This is BS, that guy must have planted that thing in there. How can you not notice a bug that big when serving the food.

  • Paola

    This is SO gross!

  • Megan

    This is disgusting! I’m just glad it’s not the one that I work at!

  • Pamela Jones

    I can believe it, hell, I brought a Quarter pounder with chesse just yesterday and all I have to say is ” I prayed to the porcelin ZGod both ways last night and this morning!!! To hell with Mickiy D’s.

  • Downing

    There was a diner in NYC on 41st st. between Broadway and 6th ave. They had the best fries around. when they went out of business and the deep frier was drained, no less than the remains of a dozen dead mice were at the bottom.

  • Karin

    Whew, thank goodness I recently gave up fast food! First the Arby’s finger story, and now this! Gross! =P

  • Patty05253

    Makes one wonder…a finger at Arbby’s and now roaches in the hash browns at Mickey D’s ……sure turns my stomach …Years ago when I worked at I Hop there a was a screw in a hamburger…..you just never know…..

  • Walter H. Mosby II

    People in America are nasty and it shows in the food we eat on a daily basis. People do not wash their hands after using the bathroom as well as very little food inspection at supermarkets, corner stores, fast food resturants and resturants. No hair nets, gloves as well as less than minimum wages paid to teen-agers that have no home training because their parents are more concerned about keeping up with the Joneses than raising their children. What ever happened to having dinner COOKED at home and family eating TOGETHER at the dinner table. I work every day and my wife stays at home and we have everything needed AT HOME and we are BOTH happy. Let’s put ALL fast food resturants out of business and bring back family time at the dinner table!