Freedom Tower Broadcast Spire Being Built

    March 9, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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The hardest thing about the tragedy on September 11th was the giant hole in the ground at the World Trade Center. After years of ridiculous political bureaucracy and scandals, the new Freedom Tower is almost ready. Construction is currently on the 92nd floor, but the 104 floor tower is expecting construction to be finished by this summer.

The new building at the site of 6 World Trade center will tower over the rest of the city, and according to the New York/New Jersey Port Authority, anything else in the Western Hemisphere. It is being topped by a 408 ft broadcast tower to bring the grand total height to 1,776 feet. The broadcast tower is projected to generate more than $10 million annually by broadcasting TV and FM radio signals.

“Broadcasting from the top of One World Trade Center is both an economic and symbolic achievement,” said Jody Durst, president of The Durst Organization. “It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate setting for an ultra-modern broadcast facility than the pinnacle of the world’s most iconic building. At the same time, the facility would serve as a source of ongoing revenue for the property.”

“This expanded use of One World Trade Center makes perfect sense,” said authority Executive Director Patrick Foye. “The Durst company brings great experience and expertise in managing broadcast facilities, and their team understands the emerging dynamics in the broadcast marketplace over recent years. With an ideal operator in place, the center would help Lower Manhattan reclaim its status as one of the city’s elite broadcast venues.”

One World Trade Center will be managed, operated and leased by The Durst Organization, with Cushman & Wakefield is serving as leasing and marketing agents for the building’s office space. The Durst Organization will oversee construction and operation of the broadcast facility.

  • John Woelflein

    It is now officially One World Trade Center, not “The Freedom Tower.”

  • http://www.twintowersalliance.com mldonovan

    Calling the “Freedom Tower” the most iconic tower in the world is absurd. And according to most New Yorkers, it’s the “Freedom Tower” and as Larry Silverstein said last year, it always will be.

  • http://www.twintowersalliance.com mldonovan

    The only thing more absurd than calling it iconic is calling it the tallest tower in North America when it is exactly the same roof height of the Twin Towers and almost one hundred feet shorter than the Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago.

    Now that the “iconic” spire that would rise to 1,776 feet is going to morph into an antenna — as in the original One World Trade Center — losing its conical shape, then why would it qualify as part of the structure?

  • chris hornsby

    its about time they got to building this. i wonder what took them so long here .