Framily Plan- A Sprint Plan Frame-Up?


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Calling all family, friends, enemies, frienemies-- CNet tells us that Sprint has introduced a new family plan that they refuse to call anything other than the Sprint Framily Plan.

Likely more of an unfortunate scenario for the fine customer service folks at Sprint who are forced to say the made-up word each time, the spelling represents not just family being able to join in on the bill, but friends too.

While we applaud Sprint for reminding us of the important virtues of community, only time will tell how wise this will be. Will small claims courts see a rash of lawsuits as unpaid bills add up? Will television court shows entertain us with horrific stories of enemies driving their cars over once framily member's cellphones because they refused to chip in on the phone bill?

Since Sprint apparently watches the same quality reality television shows as we do, it looks as if they've attempted to alleviate that risk by allowing each member of the Framily Plan to still be billed separately. Nice Move, Sprint.

This is how the Framily Plan works:
One line of service costs $55 per month. The line includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. This price is dropped $5 for each new Sprint customer than joins the line. Six people plus the original line holder are allowed to join the line, which could transform a $55 bill to a $25 bill for everyone.

Although this Framily Plan has been active for close to a week, Sprint has just recently dropped their television ad to make it official. So far, it looks like some folks are happy with it,

some people aren't

and some people just really think that Framily Plan is a horrible name for something.

Either way, do you think this would be a good deal for you and your circle? Should we all request that they change the name to Phramily Plan to make it even more exciting? Let us know!

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