Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Allegedly Offered Employee Raise For Sex

    January 8, 2014
    Val Powell
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The highly anticipated new biography of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes reveal some shocking allegations including sexism and anti-Semitism.

The New York Times got an advance copy of the “The Loudest Voice in The Room,” by media reporter Gabriel Sherman. According to the review, “The Loudest Voice In The Room” portrays Ailes as a man with a volatile temper and condescending attitude towards his staffers.

The most astonishing allegations came from an incident in the 1980s. Television producer Randi Harrison reportedly told Sherman that while she was negotiation her salary with Ailes  in the 80s, she was offered an additional $100 per week if she agreed to have sex with him whenever he wanted.

Sherman also writes that Ailes used an anti-Semitic slur in 1995 towards an employee. The employee in question is Discovery channel CEO David Zaslav, both Zaslev and Ailes have denied the allegation. The book further alleges that Ailes made comments critical of Bill O’Reilley whom he ostensibly described as “a book salesman with a TV show.” O’Reilly was a Fox host at the time.

According to the biography, Ailes supposedly made comments to suggest he attempted to influence political outcomes when he claimed in 2012 that he wanted to “elect the next president.”

Fox News and Ailes have denied the claims in a statement.

“These charges are false. While we have not read the book, the only reality here is that Gabe was not provided any direct access to Roger Ailes and the book was never fact-checked with Fox News,” read part of the statement.

Fox News has recently waged a campaign to neutralize Sherman’s claims by going as far as to appoint a journalist to write a more favorable biography of Ailes while Sherman’s was still in progress. Last year, Fox’s top communication executive Brian Lewis was fired with many suggesting the sack was in part because Lewis had leaked some information to Sherman. So far Sherman’s biography of Ailes seems quite scathing.

“The Loudest Voice in The Room” is available for purchase on Jan. 21.

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  • Really 100 Bucks Huh?

    Oh please. I don’t like Fox news but this is ridiculous. I can see someone trying to get a particular President in office. It happens all the time. That is at least believable.

    However, paying someone $100 a week for sex as a part of a salary negotiation? This guy is worth 25 million and I have a feeling that is a low figure to avoid taxes. This guy can go to an upscale escort service anytime he wants and get way prettier women than this woman. I hate to tell people but there are a lot of prostitutes in this world and many are very good looking. Many are actually nice too. If you were going to pay someone for sex a)why would you put in a contract b) do it with a co-worker c) have it with the same woman over and over again.

    The only reason you would do that is if you didn’t want to marry her because if you ever divorced her she would go after half your money, so the 100 a week is actually a smart business deal.