Fourth of July Accident Results In Death of 8-Year-Old

    July 5, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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Fourth of July weekend is what most regard as a time of fireworks, grilling, and general celebration. Most people are familiar with the common warnings that appear around this time of year, urging caution when using fireworks. Similarly, most people are familiar with the news stories that inevitably pop up on the fifth of July that recall the accounts of those who did not heed such warnings. The town of Edmond, Oklahoma, however, was not rocked to the core on account of fireworks, but rather a freak accident during a celebratory parade.

Liberty Fest, the town parade held in celebration of independence day, included a large variety of floats, vintage cars, and other attractions. According to the Liberty Fest website, the parade is a pinnacle of popularity, reeling in over 125,000 spectators annually. The event prides itself on being the “best and safest” 4th of July event for families in Edmond, and is produced by about 500 volunteers.

The family friendly event took a turn for the worst this year, however, when an 8-year-old boy fell off of a float representing a local martial arts academy. The child was on the float with about twenty other students from the academy, who witnessed their peer being run over by the float. A nurse in the car behind the float allegedly administered CPR to the child, and the boy is said to have had a pulse while he was loaded on to the ambulance. Sadly, he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Police officer James Hamm says in a report with the Huffington Post that the driver of the float, who is also the father of the victim, is not expected to face charges. The officer was quoted as saying “It [was] just a freak, unfortunate accident.” The father was not interviewed immediately, but is expected to be questioned today.

This writer’s thoughts go out to the families and people effected by this tragic event, especially on a day meant to be full of joy and celebration.

  • impeachobama

    What the Hell do all these parades and celebrations have to do with remembering the 4th. Anymore that blowing off your child’s fingers with an M80 . Half the mentally deficient in this country don’t know George Washington from the Half-Breed that is trying to undo all the good Washington did. But on they go , every year with all this waste of money. Does it make anyone a better American? Does it make any Illegal , legal ? Does it make Obama an American. Like Hell to all 3 . For too long than I care to remember , America has been too busy living the Good Life. Living the Corrupt life . Living the Immoral life. Killing our own children in the Womb. Legalizing an Abomination and calling it a Same Sex marriage. Observing and recognizing Homosexuality ? Makng a Stupid Un-American Boon the President when he isn’t even a Citizen and calling every one a Birther when they question it ? Like Soros wouldn’t lay all the groundwork needed for his Project years before he implemented it. He didn’t get as rich as he is by being stupid. But tell a lie often enough and the Lame of Brain will believe it

    • http://mycophagia@yahoo.com aaron

      @ impeachobama,

      I’m just curious… were you drinking tons of alcohol when you wrote that? Sure sounds like it. LOL

    • facepalm

      I can’t believe there are people out there stupid enough to believe a man could be POTUS for 5 years and not be a citizen…

    • michael

      What an idiot “Impeachobama” is. Instead of praying for our nation and our President, he bashes everything and expects it to get beeter. The problem with our nation are people like you who think you know it all but really need to find Jesus Christ to learn how to love and have compassion for every man. you sir, need prayer. your own life is a mess (and you know it is), so why not fix that first before trying to fix everyone else.


    • David Dee

      Rant much, Teabagger/Racist?

    • Deborah

      How about leaving that ridiculous rant on a different Parade article. This father accidentally killed his own son! It seems you would not be happy with any president. I too dislike Obama greatly but you can not put the weight of a nation on 1 person. WE also have Congress and other officials to accept accountability. As for parades…. Who cares? These yearly events bring large and small communities together while usually spreading happiness. In this case my heart goes out to the bereaved father, friends , family and the children that witnessed their friend die.

  • moses

    How terrible, this story is really sad to hear. I can’t even begin to imagine how the father must be feeling. I pray for this family to get through this ordeal.

  • Gwen

    I pray for the family that lost their child. Having first child recently turn 6 months old I cannot imagine the loss, nor do I want to. Godbless them in their time of mourning. I know this little boy did not die in vain. Part of human nature is being curious and I know this headline whether on the news, in the paper, or on the internet will plant a seed in the minds of others. In doing so, perhaps tragedies like this will be prevented in the future. “It is better to be safe than sorry”, as the old, but wise adage goes. this little boy did not die in vain.

  • Eric

    Impeach sounds like he has to see others as stupid to hide his own profound idiocy from himself.


    I THink people need to watcH tHeir cHildren. WHen I went to see fireworks last nigHt, tHe parking lot was so full. CHildren kept running in front of our car. We mainly saw people tHen fireworks. I am out in tHe country and I bet more tHan Half of tHe population was tHere. Population: 1000, Estimated Guess: 500. PEOPLE WATCH YOUR KIDS! It makes me so sad to Hear a kid die. He was only 8.