Former TSA Agent Charged With Battery After Enduring Improper Search

    June 19, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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A woman on the way to her brother’s funeral says that she was groped by a female TSA agent during a security pat down. Now she is being charged with assault and battery for demonstrating how she was groped to the supervising TSA agent. The enraged airline customer is seen on this video grabbing the TSA supervisor, showing her what was done to her just moments before. Her complaint was answered with her being arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

What gives Carol Price, the passenger, extra credibility in this case is that she is a former TSA agent, herself. She claims that she knows the proper method for administering a patdown, and what she received included inappropiate groping of her genitals and breasts.

Conveniently, the area where she was searched was out of view of the cameras, and is not available in the video. All we see is the aftermath of Carol grabbing the supervisor roughly to demonstrate what was done to her. According to Price’s attorney, she wasn’t nearly as rough with the supervisor as the TSA was with her.

In the video , you can see Price gets a hug from one of the TSA agents. According to her lawyer, all of these agents knew her. Some liked her more than others, and the patdown she received was a personal vendetta.

Price missed her brother’s funeral and is now facing criminal assault charges. The TSA naturally took the side of the supervisor and pressed charges. They released this statement after the incident: “The patdown was conducted correctly and in accordance with our procedures. Violence against our officers who work every day to keep the traveling public safe is unacceptable.”

When TSA procedures include patdowns for small disabled children, the elderly, and amputees, is it really all that surprising that an excessively rough and intrusive search would be defended by them?

[source: Wired]
  • Gary Whitson

    If i told you what i think the tsa would be knocking on my door.

    • Cristito M Angob

      I couldn’t understand why you, riding-public, are fond of criticizing and/or lambasting our TSA agents in the airport. Various and thorough security inspections, such as: X-Ray Machine, Walk-Thru Machine, patdown, body-frisking and of any other forms of security inspection to you including the crews before boarding the aircraft are for your own safety, and, above all, to ensure that you’ll arrive in your destinations happily.
      Our TSA agents are there to protect and serve you, and, right now, they need our supports and understanding to have a safe, secured and “Zero Defect” transportation system.

      • Henry

        You must be 10 years old to think like that ,otherwise you are a moron….which one do you like?

      • arriviste

        Cristo M. Angob: You seem to very knowledgeable regarding the T.S.A. and it’s function. Therefore, would you be kind enough to inform me of the total number of terrorists which the T.S.A. have apprehended? In fact, please inform me of a single terrorist which they have apprehended. In addition, please inform me of a single terrorist act which the T.S.A., as a body, have actually prevented. Information given to the U.S. government by outside countries not included. Please do NOT quote that worn out phrase,’Due to National Security’ etc.

    • Henry

      Just make sure you receive them properly,just to make a point :)

  • Cristito M Angob

    The female TSA agent must be commended. She is only performing her primary duty to thoroughly inspect and ensure that Ms Carol Price is not carrying any illegal item and not a hazardous departing passenger which may possibly create havoc when already boarded the aircraft. The problem is, being a former TSA agent, Ms Price’s ego has been touched possibly thinking that she knew more on how to conduct patdown inspection than the current TSA agents. Ms Price please, I think what you’ve learned before is already in the freezer now. As a former TSA agent, you’re supposed to accept and understand in “Open Arms” on the various security inspections conducted by your former comrade-in-arms for your own safety.

  • Gregory

    The TSA has been repeatedly shown to be ineffectual. Our government knew long before 9/11 that U.S. passenger airplanes were easy targets for hijackers, yet nothing was done about it until after that tragedy. WHY? For many years before 9/11, what is now the European Union has had effective, non-invasive search techniques that are not dehumanizing. But the U.S. did NOT adopt those when they finally decided to do something about hijackings. WHY? The easiest, most effective way to prevent hijackings is to allow the pilots to be armed, like they were in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. But pilots are no longer allowed to be armed. WHY? Allowing law-abiding private citizens to carry firearms on their person while traveling on the plane would also put a QUICK stop to terrorist hijackings, but that is not permitted either. WHY? If you think the government has the best interests of the public in mind when it wastes your taxpayer money and ignores your personal liberties and dignity… WHY?

  • confused

    I’m confused. Which terrorists are we supposed to be fighting – the Islamic extremists or the TSA? In trying to protect our so-called freedoms, we have lost our freedoms. The islamist extremists have won. It is only a question of time before America has a complete meltdown.

  • Alex

    Get over it people! You want to get blown up in a plane or have a plane fly into another building? Stop complaining or you can drive to your next trip! Why complain about TSA taking an xray of you, you just see outlines of the body, I know, because we do it to all Afghanies when they enter a FOB. Go to Irseal and see if they complain about the numerous checks they go through to travel. We live in a world that has terrorist, terrorist that want to kill anyone that’s not on the same sheet of music as they are and they will never go away. So just get used to being touched and searched and let the TSA do their job. Oh and stop using your welfare card to buy cigarettes and beer.