Five Dead In Ohio Garage, Including Children

    November 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When police and fire officials broke into the garage of an Ohio family on Monday afternoon, they found a horrifying sight: two adults and three children, all dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Officials believe it wasn’t an accident.

The story is still being pieced together, but police think a custody battle is at the center of the deaths. The adults, 56-year old Sandy Ford and her son, 32-year old Andy, were not the parents of the children. She was their grandmother; her son, their uncle. Neighbors say the children often spent time at the house but did not live there full-time. Police were called to the home after Sandy’s husband, Randy, found suspicious notes in the house from his wife, son, and the children. When he couldn’t get into the garage, he called 911. Officials are treating it as a murder-suicide under suspicion that Sandy was upset that her daughter, Mandy, was about to regain custody of the children.

One neighbor says he saw a police car parked at the house a few days ago but never found out why an officer was there. The deaths have come as a shock to the neighborhood, especially to those who just recently saw the family doing yardwork together.

“One minute they’re doing the leaves, and then the next there are cop cars all over,” neighbor Eric Pieper said.

  • Lindsey

    It would have been nice to know what town in Ohio this happened.

    • Anonymous

      Lindsey; it happened in Toledo: my hometown.

  • sara

    seriously the writer needs to rethink being a writer

    • Jeanri

      so true Sara…who hired this writer, what genius hired him or her to be a contributor to yahoo? well, actually that’s YAHOO for you!!!

      • tim

        I get so tired of the idiots that read a story about something as tragic as this and then all they have to say is negative things about the author. If you don’t like Yahoo writers, don’t click on the damn stories. If you can do better, prove it!

        • Jeanri

          PS we just did,by proving it’s poor writing…idiots make your point and let everybody else be free to make their own. you don’t like it move to china, this is America jack

    • Dustin

      @Sara Seriously??? You read the entire article and your comment is directed to the writer. You are more concerned with the writing than the topic at hand! What a shame! Go suck on a muffler!

  • Kathryn Sullivan

    How bad a mother could Mandy be if murdering the children is better than her gaining custody?

    • Gambs

      Why would the grandmother be upset and take the children’s lives, if her daughter was to regain custody? Or did I miss something..?
      “Officials are treating it as a murder-suicide under suspicion that Sandy was upset that her daughter, Mandy, was about to regain custody of the children.”

      • Jessica Hughey

        Yes, you missed something. The custody battle was BETWEEN the grandmother and her daughter. The grandmother did not want her daughter to take the children away from HER so she killed them.

        • Jackie

          The article never said the custody battle was between the grandmother and daughter. It states that the kids did not live there, but were there from time to time. Clearly this article is poorly written and @Gambs did not miss anything. I had the same question.

  • anonymous

    I am so tired of adults taking the lives of innocent young children

    • Alex

      All those abortions…

    • bobb marly

      And the worst of it is the murder of the unborn by selfish people who don’t understand just how precious life really is. Abortion is so cruel and evil I just don’t know how anyone can do or approve of such a thing.

      • http://yahoo linjaynes

        Can not imagine a grandmother taking her Grandchildren s & her own grown sons life. what ever could have caused such a mental break to do such a permanent & oh so wrong deed.
        As to abortion this article isnt about pro-lifer issues or opinions. A woman’s very hard decision to have an abortion is her own & not a mans!

        • tom

          The “choice” of having an abortion should not be a “choice”. You’re a murderer in my book; preventing the life of an innocent child and rendering life impossible for someone who could have a wonderful impact in many people’s lives because why? Because you don’t want one? You’re not ready? Even if you were raped, does that mean the unborn child will be a bad person?

          Abortion is never okay unless the baby is threatening the life of the woman and there is no way to safely have the child.

          • decogrl@gmail.com

            So suppose your 13 year old daughter was brutally raped by a (god forbid) a black man or a relative. Do you force her to carry that baby and deal with the shame and hatred for 9 months of her life? Don’t start pointing fingers about what is right or wrong until you have been in their shoes. So tired of the bible thumpers spewing hatred and ignorance.

      • Coley81

        What is the point of your remarks about abortion?? This article has nothing to do with abortions AT ALL!!!! Please keep your religious/political comments for a more appropriate article weirdos.

  • shane

    The adults can take there own lives all they want. But why take the innocent lives of those poor children that just shows just how selfish people can be f@#%ing worthless

    • shane

      Grandmother had to been a idiot ” well if i can’t have the children guess its just better off i smother them with exhaust fumes” and what a uncle! Lowest forms of life there are right next to cancer cells

  • Okay.

    If my neighbor was out do his leaves one moment and then the cops were “all over” the next, I wouldn’t be sorry. They way they kick their dog around the yard is what I am talking about.

    • Roy luevano

      Animal cruelty is a crime, call the police on this douchbag…

  • http://yahoo bubba

    with the reelection of our president, all the murderous abortions, the murders of these children the presidents approval of gays and lesbians, same sex marriage made to seem right, the record heat and drought this last summer, the record mega storm with many deaths and much destruction. katrina,and other natural disasters, the mercy killing murders in our country, and the gradual invasion of musilams in our country that want to take us over and kill all the christians,etc. do you think Father God is giving us as a wicked, perverted, and unrepentant nation the leaders that we deserve, to be the kind of people we are? Gods word says–the wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God.

    • DDub

      Right. Got it. Family murdered by a crazy dude/natural disasters are Obama, abortionists and gay’s fault. Do you read what you post before you post it? See how crazy that sounds?

      • deborah

        Your comment sounds crazy. The re-election caused these people to do this. Most people aren’t as crazy as you fols and if people start killing themselves because of the election of well they will just be dead. And if you would have taken the time to read the article they think it was a custody case. Get a grip you sound so ignorant. And if you think you can make people believe and feel what you think happened oh well we are not believing it. And if you truly believe what you typed you need to go get you some help. I tell you I never knew republicians were this weird and crazy and deranged. Wow you are a fruitckae . Take my advise go get some psych help cause you are crazy

        • Coley81

          Amen, Republicans have really proved just how weird they are especially since they lost. Even my own mother-in-law turned on me the other day and she was spitting crazy about me voting for Obama…seriously?Where in this entire article was politics or religion mentioned..once? Please read your coments before posting them, you all sound insane. The bottom line is 3 innocent children were killed here over a custody battle and it is heartbreaking. Then along comes you insane, backward Republicans and make the entire scenario revolve around your political beliefs…you should be ashamed of yourselves and yes, check yourselves into a mental institute because surely you need it.

    • beth

      dude, no offense (ok, scratch that: i hope it DOES offend you), but you are a nut. are you saying those innocent children got what they deserved? you are completely and totally ignorant, and that shows in your post.
      it is absurd how some people feel the need to drag religion and politics into every fricking post.

  • ann gunther

    Sorry Bubba but you and others like you are advocating making religion into laws. Who’s religion, what religion?? Yours, mine?? In case you haven’t paid attention to history trying to govern using religion to get your laws hasn’t worked out too well. All over the world we have seen this used to mandate everything from slavery to the exploitation and denigration of women to acts of horrific violence against those who do not agree with religious law. Why is it that Americans have no difficulty bashing countries who use religion to oppress yet we refuse to see it here? Fanaticism by “our side” is just as bad as that which we decry in others.

    • Mari

      AMEN! Well, you know… I agree with you…

  • Rob

    Andy, Sandy, Randy and Mandy. Hmm am I an asshole for only noticing for that part of the story? Eh I could be a dumbass too.

    • mickey

      Don’t feel bad, that’s all I got from the story too!

      • Mari

        Randy is not dead… he called 911…

    • Brett

      I saw it as well, my first thought was that this family had issues!!

    • andi

      I put them in a different order. You’re not a dumbass, just observant.

  • RGee

    Sandy, Randy, Andy, Mandy. Kids RIP.

  • constance mertz

    Okay Bible says thou shalt not kill. Let’s say your religion says same sex marriage not right any kind of way. Do we than start herding people into groups that we like or don’t believe in their beliefs kill them? Do you we take all the gays and let’s say make them go orto give them Florida. THIS IS NO WIN!! Man according to the Bible WILL FACE armageddon. With the various facets of culture and planet affectations.THAT’S WHY GOD CAN ONLY JUDGE. We can vent anger frustrate all we want. BUT THAT’S THE DEAL.

    • http://webpronews Dessi

      @Constance I don’t know what Bible you have been reading but where did the separation idea come from? It does however say that we should love the sinner and hate the sin. And we are all sinners. It’s such a shame when people get to the point in hardship that they think something like this is the only option they have left. Despair, depression, especially with the holiday season nearly on us is common. Condolences to the families.

    • Coley81

      WTF?? What are you talking about…gays and religion? Please keep your opinions to yourself..you make NO sense at all..seriously!!!Did you even read this article? Your post is just plain old crazy…please get help!!

    • Thomas Martin

      You’re funny. To misquote a song: “You don’t know you’re funny; that’s what makes you funny.”

  • beth

    While reading through these posts/comments, I am shocked to see how many people are not looking at the story at hand. This story has nothing to do with religion or politics or abortion. It is about the depraved actions of a woman and her son, and about the sad and untimely death of 3 innocent children.

  • Eden Cooley

    This article makes me really sad. How could someone kill innocent children? It makes me wonder what was so bad about the mother getting custody that she decided not only to take her life, but the life of her son and her grandchildren. Wow..

    • William

      Amen to that brother

  • Brandon Lafayette

    The woman taken over by her inner demons.. and the devil consumed her spirit! and in return her soul is lost in OBLIVION.. some people like to call this place hell!

    • Noky

      Oh shut up. God and Demons are not real you idiot. This woman was mental. End of Story.

      • http://webpronews nikki

        You are outright stupid….just stupid!!!

    • jeff duncan

      There is no heaven or hell or a god. People do bad things and good things, period. If there was a god, god would protect innocent children. We need to watch after each other and stop pretending there is a god who cares.

      • http://webpronews nikki

        ok….so you just fell out of the sky right? You are stupid too!!

      • Karen

        You will soon see that there is a God.

      • sherri

        GOD is very real!! Read the bible!! I have seen miracles happen!! This is very sad that Satan has taken over peoples minds.

  • Kodie Ware

    I find this article disturbing! It wasn’t that serious that she had to take her and the childrens’ lives! Shame!!

  • roziej

    It is a selfish act to take the life of a child, although suicide is no better, if you want to die it’s your choice, but leave the innocent out of it. A child should have the opportunity to live a happy,healthy, safe, and peaceful life. Death is never a final answer to anything when it is done through selfishness, cruelty, or the hateful acts of others. There are always consequences to actions whether good or bad and always family to pick up the pieces of lives lost.

  • jules

    with all the b.s. about the election people are losing sight of what really is important the sanctity of the american family. People need to spend more time paying attention to our neighbors and especially their children instead of protesting who is president. I send my prayers to the remaining family members who have to deal with the loss of those three children,during the holiday season because of the selfish acts of the adults who supposedly loved them. God be with you all.

    • nutty

      well said jules

  • andi

    Sandy, Randy, Andy and Mandy…fer real?

    • http://yahoo.com Jacob

      thats crazy man i wouldnt of even noticed that.

  • http://n.a Rita

    It is so said and selfish that this incident took place. It’s no surprise that people are doing these type of acts these days as the Bible is true and stated that these things will come to pass. Some people want to reject God and leave him out of everything. But one thing about it is he’s real, his WORD( The Bible is True) and if people don”t want to be in the dark abouth what is going on in the world and also to understand that it is a Real Devil out in the world( spirit) and he has taken control ( posession )over people”s minds. Just like God has to use a person to do his good will on earth , the enemy( Devil) has to have a willing body as well. I prasy that those who are not saved receive Jesus Christ as their LORD AND SAVIOR.

    • Thomas Martin

      Exactly: the bible is true. Especially the parts that contradict the other parts.

      The best part of the bible is all the polygamy and senseless killing. Job is a laugh-riot. God murders the family of his most faithful servant to win a bet with “ha satan” (“The adversary”, or the devil, or whatever unlearned folk like you call him).

      • http://webpronews Shawn

        Thomas you are the one unlearned, God did not destroy Job;s family Satin did, The story revolves around man should listen to God not his idiot friends for answers, God restored Job’s family double to what it was, Those who died are with God not in some hole in the ground, Job finaly realized that his troubles all the time were not anytjing he did but what satin did, The bible never contradicts itself it verifys its accounts constantly, Whoever taught you taught you wrong, You are biblicaly dead between the ears.

    • Spaz

      I Totally agree with you ! The Devil is real, but people have no fear of God anymore.

    • Regina

      You are so right Rita, the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. He wants our soul and to turn away from God even the sweetest people in the world can be used by the devil if they allow him too. I will pray for these families in their time of loss.

    • http://na Rick

      This is, no exaggeration, the most far reaching and misguided comment I’ve read this year; maybe ever. From this vague 3 paragraph article, you have concluded that this tragedy was the result of a demonic possession. Brainwashed delusional religious nuts like you are a plague on human evolution.


    People who do this are such cowards. there has GOT to be a better way of dealing with custody battles . . anything for that matter . . than murder suicide. I do NOT understand the mindset that would cause this. I understand that people take alof of life way too seriously, and even understand suicide. i dont agree with it, but I understand it. But to take other innocent lives because YOU have a problem? Or two? Or a HUNDRED? NOT FAIR in ANY way. This incident show act as a warning to the decay of our society as we know it. More and more violence . .more and more murder . . . cant we all just live peacefully and quit with the selfishness????

  • Go Ca

    Fear not. By the time the dust is cleared Nancy Grace will have the “finder”, Randy, in jail. Accidents do not happen. And if a murder-suicide occurred somebody living has to pay for it. All we have to do is get someone willing to go to court and say that [s]he heard one of the victims say that Randy threaten to kill everybody.

  • Buck Ofama

    If concerned citizens went on an “Obama supporter head bashing spree” the USA would be a better place!

    But that will NEVER happen right ???????

  • bobo

    This is the state that seems to win presidential elections?? This state is full of nut bags a stupid arses. When something happens like this, it is no surprise that it happens in
    Ohio. Idoit yanks.

    • Cici

      Five people are dead including children and you are still talking about the election?!?!?!?! You should be ashamed of yourself and your parents should be too for raising you! Unbelievable.

      And for the record: bad things happen everywhere!

      • http://webpronews nikki

        Something is definitely wrong! what does the election has to do with it?

    • viral lead

      It is spelled idiot, not idoit. Now who is the idiot bobo?

    • guest

      what’s an idoit? jackass

    • Robin Luehrmann

      Kathy, thanks for sharing your story…My family will keep you and your family in our prayers. You are such a strong person! God bless you!!!!

    • Karen

      Let’s be real! These things can happen anywhere, not just Ohio. Keep politics out of this!

      • erick

        @bobo you know what your nickname is in my language “bobo-stupid” thats you nigguh

    • Mike

      bobo, what perfect state are you from where there is a lack of crime and idoits as you call them? The state of Doesn’t Exist?

    • joe

      With a name like “bobo” and comments like yours, who’s the ARSE?

    • patskywriter

      nor surprisingly, “bobo” means dumb/stupid/silly in both spanish and portuguese.

    • Sammie


    • Chad

      I assume from how you talk you are from England. You would be speaking German right now if not for the U.S. Military which included many Ohioans. Moron!!

    • Sick of Studid People

      Really Bobo…. what an appropriate name for a Clown!

  • kathy dawson

    This saddens me so much….these kids did not get to decide who they wanted to be with.In 1992 I was seperated from my husand for 1 1/2 years when he came to my house and put a gun in his mouth and killed himself infront of me and our oldest son who was 4 at the time and our other son was 2 and in his crib upstairs sleeping and that was on Dec.18,I buried him on Dec.22th…he had a black powder pistore and it held 5 shots but only had 4 in it.The homicide detectives told me they had seen it before and they said they were sure he had all intentions on killing me and our 2 kids….he did put the gun to my forehead before he put the gun in his mouth….this still hurts me to this day,my sons are 22 and 24 now and everytime I look at one of them I see my husband.I was not going to keep his kids from him…he had them overnite 2 nights before he did this..so it breaks my heart to hear that story…my heart goes out to the mother of the kids.RIP

    • Dan

      I agree so sad and this just comes to show u that we are not in control but will forever walk with GOD!!! I’m so sorry that this has happened to u in the past but my prayers will be with this family’s loss and yours!!! Please continue to be strong!!!!
      ALL BEST,

  • GWB

    Sandy, Andy, Randy, Mandy. . .anyone see a pattern here?

  • Addy

    I want to know why the 32 year old son didn’t over-power the grandmother.. Seems suspicious to me. I don’t believe someone would commit suicide because of a custody battle. It doesn’t add up, if the grandmother loved the children SO much that she didn’t want them back with the mother, she wouldn’t have murdered them, she would have kidnapped them.

  • Laura

    Seriously? you read an article like this and it jumps to religion, politics, demons….wth? how about people learn from others mistakes. or realizing this could happen anywhere or to anyone at any given time. its a very sad story and should never of happened. and maybe people need to realize that killing themselves does not solve anything, it just damages the people you leave behind. as for the children, they had no choice. that choice was taken from them by supposibly someone one that loved them. Im pretty sure thats not how you show love. thats plaiin out murder. once again, my hope in parenting has failed.

  • Megarouge

    Sandy, Andy and Randy? Shit, no wonder they killed themselves.

  • haamerhed

    Stealing the life of children for spite?! News like this sickens me. People are not possessions. Get a life…take your own…leave the kids out of it. FFS!!

  • jeri wills

    feel so bad for family members who is enduring this horrible tragedy.