Firefox OS Devices Won't Be Sold In The US


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When Firefox OS devices started hitting emerging markets earlier this year, it was always assumed that the devices would hit the US. Mozilla even said that we would see Firefox OS devices on Sprint in 2014. Well, I hope you didn't get your hopes up then.

Speaking to CNET, Mozilla Executive Chair Mitchell Baker said that "there are no plans to launch in the US" when asked about the future of Firefox OS. While that's certainly a bummer for those who were hoping to buy a Firefox OS device in the US, you might not want to give up hope just yet. Mozilla's VP of Mobile, Andreas Gal, said that the company is "actively exploring" the logistics of a US launch.

While it's certainly no promise, it at least shows that Mozilla is exploring its options . Those options may be limited in the US, however, as most consumers desire the latest and greatest mobile devices. Firefox OS devices are clearly marketed at low income consumers in emerging markets, and the overabundance of cheap Android devices in the US make the device a hard sell to even the most cost conscious consumers.

That being said, Mozilla believes it's tapping into markets that are overlooked by the Android and iOS devices of the world thanks to the low price of Firefox OS devices. Even the cheapest Android devices still cost hundreds of dollars in many emerging markets. Firefox OS has a real chance at growth in those markets thanks to the devices sometimes costing less than $100 off-contract.

That's all well and good, but what about the US consumers who just really want a Firefox OS device? Well, there's always eBay.

[Image: Mozilla]