Firefox 6 Next Tuesday?

More Firefox is a good thing, right?

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Firefox 6 Next Tuesday?
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If there aren’t a new batch of bugs discovered between this weekend and Tuesday, the 16th of August, Firefox fans and users alike can expect a new version of the browser to be available.

As pointed out by Maximum PC, who did some snooping around Mozilla’s Releases wiki for Firefox 6 and found the following statement

Current Status

On Track with a few bugs still remaining. No concerns for Tuesday.

Not much obfuscation there, nor is there much to be misunderstood. Considering how blunt Mozilla was about memory degradation–“Leaks are generally more important, as they are more likely to lead to horrible performance.”–taking them at their word does come across as foolhardy.

There are some additional statements on the release wiki, including an interesting revelation about Yahoo!’s search toolbar. In the “Add-ons” section, the following quote is present for all to see, under the “Outstanding Issues/Concerns” section:

Yahoo! Toolbar will probably not make the cut. Will have better answer by end of week.

Does this mean no more Yahoo! search for future versions of Firefox? Considering Yahoo! search is essentially Bing, does it really matter? From a quick glance, no mention of Bing issues were present, and since one powers the other, users won’t be missing out. Of course, the bug could be fixed by the time version 6.0 gets its .1 or .0.1 revision.

Of course, considering their heightened version update schedule, there may not be a many revisions to speak of. A quick look at their projected release calendar indicates users could see as many as four more Firefox updates, with six, seven, eight and nine perhaps being released before 2011 runs out:

Firefox Release Dates

Notice the “…and so on, every six weeks” portion? Does this mean that, in the coming years, users could almost nine Firefox version updates a year? Is that getting close to the “overkill” portion of software releases? Or is keeping up with the Joneses that is Google Chrome really that important?

Let us know what you think.

Firefox 6 Next Tuesday?
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  • Vonskippy

    And Mozilla can kiss the Enterprise (hell the small business too) goodbye.

    No one but a home user has the time to upgrade a major software application every 6 weeks and hope it doesn’t break something.

    Plus good luck getting the plugin authors to keep up to that pace. The only reason Firefox is so popular is the ability to customize it via plugins. Once that advantage is gone – Firefox is doomed.

    This new schedule is the dumbest move ever – did they hire Adam Osborne as a marketing consultant?

  • Jack

    This is old news, why are you still ignorantly bleating about version numbers when they are largely irrelevant. The only people who seem to care about this appears to be a subset of tech media who pretend not to know how a rapid release schedule works.

  • MillerTime

    With the releae of Firefox 5, Mozilla made it clear that they were changing up their addon standards for developers, making the new schedule possible. Look at the newest versions of F1. You don’t even need to restart the browser for it to update now. As for enterprise users, there are no major changes to the browser between version 4 and 6. Even with 7 and 8, all we will see is memory and performance improvements. Nothing that should break other software in use. People need to relax and just get comfortable with the new Firefox, and forget the outdated way releases were produced.

    • http://adscendmedia.com Jeremy

      “outdated way”
      The new release schedule is stupid – plain and simple.

      Anyhow, hopefully they do what they say and fix the memory issues. FF5 regularly decides to use 700-900MB of ram for no good reason. And it crashes constantly. It’s junk.

  • http://www.fkshoppen.dk Mads

    Looking forward to the new Firefox.

  • Not Happy

    From 2 versions ago I started noticing websites that wouldn’t work with Firefox. Places that you couldn’t check out and went in a constant circle, places where you didn’t see the content correctly and log in issues. I reported this every time, now I am ready to move back to Internet Explorer, which I hate to do. Firefox has had a complete breakdown in my opinion, tons more websites do not function with this browser. Version 6? How about a Version that actually works. Sorry Firefox but since Version 4, you have been a great disappointment.

    • Philip

      Same experience here, add to that plug ins that cannot keep up with the upgrades. I am not crazy about Chrome or Explorer either, but at least Explorer does not have the log in issues Firefox has been having and I am getting tired of clicking on the sad face to report issues

  • http://hostingwithwordpress.com Michael Wilbraham

    I currently work on version 5 (I think) and that’s where I’m staying! What’s the actual purpose of theses upgrades anyway? I’m happy with what I’ve got.

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    I have found that add block causes problems as some page content is designed only to work with the adds (cunning devils) but very hard to disable ad block for particular sites rather than types of adds without turning off.otherwise is very good add on but need to be able to fine tune.

  • David

    “If they’re aren’t a new batch ……..” .. HUH ?????

    Good article .. BAD English ! ;-))

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      Sigh, I bow my head in shame.

  • archie

    This would be a better article IF you told us the advantages of upgrading, instead of silly speculation.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      I can’t speculate on things they haven’t discussed. Business Insider did, and it looked like a lot of guessing and filling in the blanks. That’s all fine and good, but I’d rather just report what Mozilla is saying.

      Their release wiki has much more information if you’d like to poke around.

  • Philip

    After dumping Explorer for Firefox a few years ago, I am now getting ready to dump Firefox, I am getting tired of buggy new releases, bloated browsers… Firefox is getting just as annoying as Explorer was
    That will be 3 releases in almost just as many months and I am not looking forward to the upgrade process and working out the bugs again.

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