Ferrari F14 Could Be A Win For Ferrari Racing


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Life in the fast lane is competitive and nobody likes to be second best. Ferrari recently unveiled a new formula one race car, the F14 T, that they hope will make them a winner. Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen helped unveil the new car on Saturday and the name of the car was chosen by an online vote.

The F14 T is powered by a 1.6 liter, turbo V6 power engine and has a unique look. Alonso and Raikkonen are hoping that this new car has what it takes to help them take first place. In the last four years, Alonso has placed second three times and fourth once. Raikkonen has previously raced with Lotus, but has done well, scoring third and fifth place in the last two years.

Together, Alonso and Raikkonen may be unstoppable, especially with the new car.

"Are we the strongest team? We hope to be," said Raikkonen. "We have the desire to win but only time will tell if we can bring the title back to Ferrari."

Ferrari will start testing the new formula one car at Jerez in Spain this week. The online vote that chose the name for the car had over a million ballots. According to Ferrari, 1,123,741 ballots came in and F14 T won with 32.9 percent of the votes from 208 countries. The T stands for turbo and the F14 stands for Ferrari and the year it was made.

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali said, ''It's nice to know the name of the car has been chosen by our fans. The amazing number of votes shows just how popular Ferrari has always been and this will be, as always, a further impetus for us to do well this year.''

What do you think of the new Ferrari and its name?

Image via YouTube.