FEMA Continues to Help Sandy Victims

    November 12, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) this weekend detailed its continuing efforts to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. At the direction of the president, the agency is providing individual assistance for disaster survivors.

“More than $455 million has already been approved for individuals to assist with housing and other disaster-related needs,” said Craig Fugate, FEMA administrator. “Impacted residents and business owners in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York should apply for assistance today.”

The agency stated that its top priority remains “supporting states, tribes, and communities.” The president has approved an extension to the 100% cost share for emergency work performed by state, tribal, and local governments through November 14. The cost share applies to emergency work performed to restore emergency power and emergency public transportation.

New York in particular has been the recipient of more than $300 million to help individuals and families recover. FEMA stated that 169,000 New Yorkers have contacted the agency for assistance, with more than 86,000 of them applying online. 26 Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) are open in nine New York counties, with two new DRCs just opened in Borough Hall on Staten Island and in Huntington Town Hall in Huntington. FEMA has 1,077 specialists going door to door to explain the types of assistance available, and 1,121 inspectors assessing home damage in the area.

In addition to FEMA, The American Red Cross has distributed over 740,000 meals and thousands of comfort and clean-up kits. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also has dump trucks and long haul trucks clearing away thousands of cubic yards of debris, and has completed pumping water out of the Jersey City PATH tunnel.

(Image courtesy FEMA on Facebook)

  • http://FEMA-? Carol

    I am still trying to get my house back together after it flooded from Isaac. I/We understand exactly what you are going through, but I’m SURE FEMA will give you more than what he gave us, 16,000.

  • http://F.E.M.A. Rita

    How do I register with F.E.M.A.? Do I have to take pictures of
    perishables to send to them?

  • David Rouleau

    So,when is FEMA going to replace the THOUSANDS of homes lost with TRAILERS,so people can LIVE on their homesite,or are they starting to gather BODY BAGS for all the people who are going to FREEZE TO DEATH in the coming weeks!!!

  • Jeff

    FEMA is a joke! I personally know two people that were affected by Sandy. House one is a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom ranch and got a foot of water in it but they are able to fix it (they got $31,900 the max). House two is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom colonial and got 5 feet of water, moved house off of the foundation and is condemned (they received $3,500).

    • Ceedogg

      That’s why I donated to the red cross.They have done noticeably more than FEMA.They always do.FEMA has done no more here than they did in the wake of Katrina.The only difference is they don’t blame Obama and FEMA,they can’t trash the king,like they did Bush. And the money you donate to the red cross is directed to that disaster relief project,and not to pay over inflated salaries like government employees salaries.Definitely the best way to go.So reach down deep and give to the American red cross.

  • Rj


  • Rj

    FEMA can only do so much. They are there to help the best they can. They were in my state last year after tornadoes tore our town apart. If someone has insurance that covers all the damage, FEMA can’t give them as much as they could someone who is under insured or has no insurance. These are grants, not to be paid back. It is a good idea to have your friend that got the little chunk of money to appeal the decision they got. I think you can appeal 3 times. Sometimes people think they are denied but in reality, FEMA just needs more information. I found out all this the hard way. May God bless your friends who have been hit by Sandy.

  • MIKE

    I’m pretty sure u are wrong, no fema to be seen anywhere !:-/

  • Mel

    To those that “HAVE” GIVE MORE…whether it be money..a bed to rest in…shelter from the cold…a hot meal…a hot shower..clean clothes..a helping hand…someone to talk to…these victims have survived a catastrophic disaster…they need you…they need “HOPE” that tomorrow will be a better day, that “YOU”, their “sisters” and “YOU”, their “brothers” care, humanity at it’s best.