Fan Punches Woman After Jets Game [VIDEO]

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In yet another example of fans behaving (very) badly, a male New York Jets fan was caught on video punching a female Patriots fan after the Jets’ controversial overtime 30-27 victory yesterday. We aren’t talking about an accidental elbow to the face while in a scuffle with another fan, either.

A fan recorded the video of the fight that occurred while fans were making their way out of MetLife Stadium. The fan that submitted the video to Deadspin provided the following background info on the fight: “Fight started in the stands with two girls fighting. And moved out to where I shot the video. Beer was thrown and clothing over the balcony. Security went after the guy. Didn’t see what happened after that.”

Watch the video below to see the Jets fan getting into an altercation with the woman and decking her.

Emotions were running high, as the Jets’ winning field goal came off a controversial penalty. After a missed 56-yard field goal, the Jets were given a second chance because of a 15-yard penalty on Patriots DT Chris Jones after he pushed a teammate onto the field (new rule for 2013), which gave them a first down. After going three and out, the Jets were then able to kick the winning field goal. While it isn’t surprising that a scuffle broke out after the game, the punch the Jets fan landed on the woman certainly is.

We can see the Jets fan getting into an altercation with a darker haired woman first. After those two were separated, another female Patriots fan ran up to the Jets fan and he wasted no time in rearing back and punching her straight in the face. Another Patriots fan tried to get in the mix, and you can make out another fist flying up at the Jets fan, but things seemed to cool down before the video ended.

So far no arrests have been made in the situation, but the New Jersey State Police are investigating the fight and are looking for the identity of the Jets fan that punched the woman. “We are aware of the situation and we do not tolerate that behavior,” a Jets spokesman said. “Parties involved were detained and this matter is now in the hands of the New Jersey State Police.”

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Fan Punches Woman After Jets Game [VIDEO]
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  • Ro Dizzle

    The guys that claim the jets fan was wrong are the date rape losers who pay for sex and are desperate enough to let a woman clobber them in the head just for one to touch them. Having been a victim of domestic violence, (that’s right, it goes both ways people) I can tell you how much she had that coming. If it was an ungentlemanly like action, the guy would have pummeled the sh!t out of her. He tagged her once and continued walking away. When you attack someone, having a vagina does not make you the victim. The only people that see it that way are the ones trying to get into said vagina. #realtalk

    • intelligence

      Condone assault by greater retribution and turn the subject into getting laid. Son, you are sorry minded.

  • Rustafari

    She had it coming. He was walking away. Dumb batch.

  • Roberta

    This kind of behavior only happens on the East Coast or the West Coast ! I have never heard of this happening in the Midwest !

  • SD

    Everyone going on about he did this and she did that. Bottom line, all this guy had to do was walk away. They end up looking like losers and you walk away the bigger person….but on the other hand, no one is saying what started this to begin with. You only see the fight as it played out. Who said what to who? Was there any physical altercation leading up to this?

    I’m willing to bet they were both hammered or close to it. The Jets fan certainly did. Take the booze out of the stadiums and these altercations go down 50% or more. Pro sports teams want to always create an experience for the the family. I like beer as much as anyone, but if you have to drink to have a good time, keep your drunk a** home!

    • SD

      If you look at the beginning of the video the Jets fans is being pulled away from someone who was being attended to on the ground.

      • SD

        The other angle of the video shows the woman didn’t even hit him in the face. He blocked it and she wasn’t even looking at him when she was clocked in the head.

        • Mike The Hun

          She took a swing at him and he defended himself. She got what she had coming.

    • rabbit

      I agree, unless you were there, no one really knows what happened and shame on the MEN who stood there and watched all of this go down and basically did NOTHING to break this up before the woman got hit. Someone should have grabbed her as she was running up in the guys face!

    • dlrmsam

      It looks like he was walking away or being pulled away…the woman came back after him.

  • Todd N

    So two girls are hitting and pushing this guy around, he hits one and he’s the asshole. It’s called self-defense in my book

  • todd

    i saw her slap him first…she got what she deserved

  • rabbit

    I don’t condone a man ever putting his hands (or fists) on a woman, but when a woman runs to a man like a man……..chick got what she deserved and like another poster said, if he REALLLY hit her, she woudl have hit the ground! Besides, a real woman wouldn’t be fighting (in public) in the first place!

  • dlrmsam

    Fight like a man, expect to be socked like one.

  • ThisFella

    Am I the only who played the Mortal Kombat theme song while watching this?………FIGHT!!

  • Felix El Gato

    High five gone wrong.

  • B Boyd

    Lets be honest here, how many times do we see women try an exude this bullcrap physical immunity? Women love to do this because they have been raised as little princesses and want everything both ways like a kid. If these idiot females don’t want to get hit, then don’t hit another human being. When women hit men they do it to feel powerful and strong and they do it because they think we cannot hit back and protect ourselves, women that act like that may as well go slap a kid in a wheelchair or a senior citizen…its the same thing as thinking a man will just sit there and take it…..and American women wonder why men are staying single or dating internationally!

  • http://yahoo.com Michelle

    This world is getting worst people will do A
    nything. No shame in this life. I really hope we can do better. Than you wonder why these kids are killing them self This Mess, for all eyes to see, Pittyfull!!!!!

  • R H

    All Jets and Pats fans deserved to be punched!

  • shawynabelle

    Why is it ok for this woman to hit him but he defends himself everyone is mad at him. They both need to got to jail, she chased him down as he walked away. I don’t think you every need to hit anyone but i was raised you put yourself in a mans place you better be ready to get hit like a man. Also he didn’t hit her that hard otherwise she would have been on the ground.

  • Jim

    What I find more amazing about this video is the fact that I see men watching this and doing nothing. Here in Texas, men (no matter what team they support) would have been on this sick puppy like flies on fresh crap!

    • AJ

      Exactly Jim. I just posted a similar comment but it proves my point even more. Maybe things are just different up North but if that’s the case then I don’t want to be there anyway. I’ll keep good food and good manners down here in Texas over it all.

  • R.W. Carter

    when women want to behave like some men or in fact as seen here stepping up to one, then with the equal protections and rights under the law the women of this country have achieved, be prepared to accept the consequences of such actions equally.

  • AJ

    Some of these comments blow me away. Maybe things are different down here, but I’m from Texas and you would never, ever punch a woman for any reason. All of these people saying she deserved it or he was just defending himself are garbage. If you want to step up and act like a hard ass come on down here anytime and I’ll let you take a shot on all 6’3 320 pounds of me.

    • shawynabelle

      I am a woman and see nothing wrong with him defending himself but most of the women i know in texas would have beat her before he could have her. A woman should never hit a man and expect him to just take it.

      • AJ

        I agree that she shouldn’t be hitting anyone in the first place and that women shouldn’t hit men just as men shouldn’t hit women but at the end of the day he’s twice her size and should be a man and just walk away or get the cops involved if she continues to persist. But you’re right, in Texas if that man has a woman she wouldn’t have even let her get close to him in the first place.

    • mark

      Fat ass.

    • JT

      AJ you’re a douche bag. I’m from Texas too and the bigger they are the easier it is to find center mass

  • Russ Potter

    I’m getting pretty tire of sports fan fighting over a game they’re not even a player on either team. I’m also tire of hearing people saying OMG a male punch a female. The girl went after the guy and he stood his ground. In these days you don’t know if this female could be some trained fighter and could possibly destroy this guy. If she willing to throw a punch she better be willing to take one.

  • Michael

    I believe as the human race is progressing everyone wants equal rights
    So if you are being attacked by anyone you should be able to defend yourself.

    But before anyone gets confused if that were me I would have walked away – I want you to notice this guy was trying to walk away and the girls were all over him slapping him- which he was a decent guy at this point- but then he goes and grabs her hair and punches her (this is were he becomes a stupid ass

    I would have walked away myself but honestly if she followed e and kept hitting me I think I might have ended up punching the guy she was with


    (I would have warned him before hand though if possible)

    • mark

      Which part of self defense do you not understand? You laid out the situation in your post, then defend her? Idiot.

  • Marty

    It’s simple. Act like a lady and you get treated like a lady…. act like a man and you get treated like a man

  • MarkS

    He’s backing up and she’s going at him.
    I wonder who the aggressor was.
    Dumb BRO@D.

  • Shag

    First of all, we are becoming a more and more violent culture. Secondly, I do want women to have equal right, but men should be punching women.

  • GatorGirl

    Sorry, but as a female/woman/girl, If you are going to GO AFTER A MAN AFTER BEING PUSHED BACK SERVERAL TIMES AND KEEP COMING, I would expect to be hit right back. Courtesy was him getting pushed away, you’re dumb self went after him, sorry, he had every right, man or woman, to hit you. It is OKAY to hit a woman when she is the one coming after you trying and hitting you. Women need to drop this, “oh he can’t hit me because I’m a woman” nonsense. If you are provoking him and hitting him, he has every right to “protect” himself by hitting back. Who cares if he’s bigger than her. I’ve seen women take guys down and I’ve seen the little pick and beat on the big. Just face it, if you are going to fight like a idiot then you need to understand you will be hit by one.

    • B Boyd

      Well said, well said.

  • Plain Nonsense

    You don’t hit a woman..period. Now I’ve been punched(2-3 in jaw) before while drunk by a woman over breaking a household item, still good friends. Merry drunken time regardless, it’s like some forget they have a pair.

  • John Darr

    There are some terrible people writing these comments. You should be ashamed of yourselves. He should have not punched her at ALL. Who knows what he said/did before this happened. He is nothing but a baby back bitch for punching a woman.

  • Mike The Hun

    She hit him first. Act like a guy, get treated like a guy.

  • Deserved it

    Hey, if you want to hit a man under the pretense “he can’t fight back” you deserve to get smacked.

  • nightwolve9


  • C Riley

    80% of you support this man ,who was obviously attacked by some sore losers. Yet every news station takes the lady’s side? Did they not see what really happened? Another fine example of whats wrong with America. The guy open-handed her or she would be on the pavement.Luckly this wasn’t Philly or they would kill you if you wore another jersy

  • francisco insurriaga

    How unladylike!

  • http://@JsunBroyles Jason

    I can’t believe there was not a man in the crowd that didnt lay his a$$ out for that!! Unbelievable! I would have climbed him like a spider monkey!

    • anen

      are u blind? I can see men standing around in the background just watching. Maybe they were on the side of the Jets guy maybe that’s why they didn’t do anything.

  • me

    I would kick the shit out of that sissy ass boy for hitting a girl. What a Loser. Lets find him and see how he likes it with a big Punch in the face.

  • Terr

    If a woman crosses the line of being a “lady” and acts like a violent man would, then she loses the “right” to be treated like a lady…..

  • Tray

    No, a man shouldn’t hit a woman, but c’mon, they were attacking him, he was in defense mode, and if they jumped his wife or daughter,what would you do? If more than one person attacks you, its a whole different ballgame, and a 260+ man could have knocked her out, if he decided to put something behind his punch….he was defending himself, but then we were not there…..

  • olga

    LOL the second blonde twat, bitch deserved that. Acting like a teenage boy big mouth, picking fights, gets u sucker-punched haha.

  • 5Horizons

    What the video and article dont show is that the #80 Jets fan’s friend was getting jumped by 3 other male Pats fans and the girl, who’s lip was bleeding from a PREVIOUS fight, was wiping blood from her face and throwing it at #80’s mother and spitting blood on her, his mom was only at the game because she is a breast cancer survivor. The video just shows the tail end of a much larger scene.

  • MAC

    Not the exception, but typical Jets fan (at least what I saw in Miami). Used to see them at the Dolphins games getting drunk and starting fights all over the stadium. And, there is NO excuse for hitting a woman.

  • Bill N. Imahedcase

    The big mistake this guy made was not having her arrested for assault and battery. If chicks like that spend a night in the Graybar Hotel, they’d definitely think twice about throwing hands around.

  • mark

    If you are going to step up to a man like a man and hit a man like a man, expect to get hit like a man by a man.

  • Caligula

    This guy must punch like a real pussy, cause he couldn’t even knock down a woman! Lmao!

  • Mary

    To all those of you who are commenting that the woman deserved to be punched soft or not are completely out of your “morals” regardless if the woman started it or not how hard is it for the guy to brush it off and walk away, the day your daughters or wives get punched or hit in the face) you’ll be crying out unfair! I do believe people shouldn’t drink alcohol if they can’t handle it, but in a respect women/girls/females shouldn’t get hit in the face for any reason, you will never compare a mans strength to woman’s strength.

    • B Boyd

      Yeah, yeah, yeah….women are always the victim and never act like human toilets. If women want to be treated equally they had better start reacting equally. If you don’t want to get flushed dont act like a piece of sh#t. By your rationale, strength dictates everything, so if I am out and a smaller man or a women pulls a gun on me or comes at me with a weapon, I cant defend myself because I am STRONGER! Brilliant rationale exhibited here.

  • heather

    What do u tell a bitch with two black eyes….????

  • Neil Flewwelling

    I call bullshit,,, she clearly got physical with h7m first,,, legally morally and in everyway a man can totally hita woman who hit him first. ANd she did…personally I think sports attract MORONS anyway.

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