Family Feud Zombie: Contestant Calls Zombies Black [Video]


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Well, things got a little interesting to say the least on a recent episode of Family Feud. The show had a question where contestants were asked about what they knew about zombies, and one contestant immediately gave a very odd answer when saying "black."

It is hard to know where this contestant could possibly be getting her information from, or what could provoke her to say such a thing. What made the situation even worse of course, is that the host of Family Feud during the whole thing was Steve Harvey.

As we all know, Steve Harvey is black, which made the situation incredibly awkward and it makes audiences and internet users wonder, what made her say it? Was it sparked from racism?

Harvey came on to the scene as a comedian, and certainly knew how to play off the incident, but what if it had been someone else? He has been the host of the show since 2010.

Family Feud has gained in popularity, and has become a well-known game show, as it pits contestants up against one another and they try to name the most popular responses to a survey question. The show has had some hilariously awkward moments throughout its history, but this one has to be ranked toward the top.

It is also ironic since it seems that there are almost never black people in zombie movies. The situation certainly makes for a jaw-dropping moment on television, and Harvey's reaction is simply priceless, making the segment of the show even better.

After she says "black," Steve Harvey even looks up the board as she jokes about whether it will be there and says to her "Shut up, woman." The next contestant then gives the obvious answer of "They walk slow."

Image via Youtube