FakeBlock Is A Real App Available For Android And iOS [Thanks Netflix & Arrested Development]

    June 24, 2013
    Chris Crum

Gobias Industries has launched the official FakeBlock app, as seen in Netflix’s Arrested Development Season 4. It’s pretty much what you expect – a virtual wood block, though not as full-featured as the one George Michael Bluth envisioned. It does have some achievements and social features, however, as sell as embedded Arrested Development clips.

“With over 100 million users, Fakeblock is the OC’s most popular digital wood instrument,” the app description says. “Entertain guests with life-like stereo wood percussion sounds. Appeal to potential dates and family members with high-def woodgrain imagery. It’s not just a woodblock, it’s a lifestyle.”

Features include: high-fidelity woodblock tones, touch-reactive surface and a woodgrain theme. So far, reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Here are some screenshots showing off the functionality:



And yes, Gobias Industries is the actual developer the app is listed under. You can find the app on Google Play and in Apple’s App Store.

[via The Wrap]