FairSearch Calls For Criminal Investigation Into Google AdSense

    May 12, 2014
    Chris Crum
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The FairSearch Coalition, a group of Google competitors, which frequently complains to government agencies about Google’s business practices, is now calling for a criminal investigation into the company’s AdSense business.

This stems from allegations recently posted to Pastebin by someone claiming to be a former Google employee. This person accused the company of stealing money from publishers in an operation that spanned many years, and maybe “still happening today on a much wider scale.”

You can get the background story on that here. It boils down to the company limiting or halting payments to publishers to advance its own profits.

Suffice it to say, Google strongly denies all of this, calling the whole thing “complete fiction.”

In a statement today, FairSearch asks, “Is it time for another criminal investigation of Google’s business practices?”

“Google often tries to reinforce its image and reputation as a tech innovator rather than an advertising-funded corporation driven by profits,” it says. “But These recent allegations are another sign that Google’s thirst for profits comes at the expense of meeting its legal obligations and commitments to business partners it says benefit from its own dominance. In the past few years, the company settled for $500 million with the Department of Justice for assisting in the illegal sale of prescription drugs online, and several state Attorneys General have voiced concern over Google’s revenue from ads placed with YouTube videos that depict or promote illegal and other activities harmful to consumers and even children.”

“Trust, but verify is an old maxim that applies to Google’s business too,” the coalition continues. “The time may be near for another investigation into Google’s business practices. The outcome could very well be potential criminal and civil charges against the company, especially if top executives were aware of the practice, as they were in the illegal pharmaceutical ad sales.”

FairsSearch member companies include Microsoft, Nokia, TripAdvisor, Hotwire, Expedia, Level, Foundem, ShopCity, Twenga, AdMarketplace.com, Travel Tech Association, Buscape Company, TheFind, Allegro, and Oracle.

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  • wertwert

    I love you FairSearch!

  • http://vizfact.com/ VizFact

    FairSearch…. ordained by God

  • http://zerozendesign.com David Bentley

    Go After them. What ever happened to spanking those who monopolized an industry. Google has strategically built their platform to gain market share of our online information and then charge us for it. They are basically forcing business owners to use their adwords system if we want to see how we compare for keyword ranking. This is no BS. If you take a look at your analytics dashboard, you will see that the first result for keywords searched to find you (which is likely 70-90% of your traffic) is no longer viewable. Want to see this information? Get adwords rolling. BUT wait a minute… You are paying for adwords campaigns and THEN Google is stealing your money off the top. Although I stand behind Google’s products, their business practices are shameful. It is time for an under dog to develop a search engine created for the people, by the people. Something that is truly policed by the community it serves. Let visitors to a website determine whether the content on that site is related to the keywords searched. This means that bogus results that have simply sat stagnate at the top of the rankings would eventually go away because the content is no longer valuable to the people searching. This can only be done real time with a real community. Additionally, if random rank suggestions are truly random, then it can’t be fudged.

    Google – you control whether or not people succeed for fail on the internet. You have been the reason companies have closed, and you have been the reason why others have succeeded when they shouldn’t have. Stop looking at the search tool as a money maker and provide it as a resource for finding things on the internet that are truly relevant to what people want to see. It won’t be long before people simply have enough of your search shenanigans. We will always use your great products, but you are alienating us from your #1 money maker – the search engine.

  • Mike C

    I would love to see how google handles a class action suit. I will be the first to sign up. Anybody else want to take on the giant?

    However, Chris, your original article “google accused…” will not load and has not loaded for some time. It seems to be hanging at an ad server.

    More consiracy?

  • http://indianafloorsllc.com/ Hugh Scott

    About time, Google has been the Teflon Don of the IT world. I would enter any CA in regard to click fraud….

  • mikesingermusic

    Google does steal people’s money. The PROOF is at: http:www.GoogleDeception.com