Facebook’s Threaded and Reorganized Comments Go Live for Pages on an Opt-in Basis

    March 25, 2013
    Josh Wolford
    Comments are off for this post.

As expected, Facebook has just rolled out their new Replies feature for Pages.

Starting today, you can choose to turn on Replies for your page. The new feature changes the way post comments are shown and organized, and it allows users to reply directly to other comments on the post, creating comment threads.

“Today, we’re improving the quality of conversations on Pages with Replies. Reply directly to comments left on your Page and start a conversation thread. The most active and engaging conversations will be shown at the top of your posts,” says Facebook.

The new Replies feature is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of commenting on the post in general, or tagging a user in your comment in order to show that you’re responding directly to them, now you can simply reply to their comment inside the page post. It’s a feature that Facebook has had for a while on their Facebook commenting plugin for sites, and it will no doubt make conversations inside heavily-commented page posts much easier to follow.

The new ranking system that sorts conversations should also help to bring the best comment threads to the top. Facebook says that the new system is based on which conversations are the most “active and engaging,” which most likely means the conversations that contain the most likes and individual replies. We heard last week that the algorithm also takes into account your connections, so you could see a different comment on the top of a post than your friend does – depending on who you know. We’ve reached out to Facebook for more explanation on this and will update you when we hear back.

Starting today, you should be able to opt-in to the new comment structure. Simply go to your page, click “edit page,” and go to “manage permissions.” If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you should see you should see a Replies filter box you can check off to “Allow replies to comments on my Page.” It should be under “Post privacy gating.”

Or, Facebook may prompt you to turn on Replies when you visit your page.

For now, the new replies are opt-in only, and once you opt-in, there’s no opting-out. But starting July 10th, Facebook says they’ll be rolling it out to all pages. If your page has more than 10,000 likes, the new Replies will be turned on automatically.

  • Mike

    Regarding “once you opt in, there is no opting out” …. You are able to turn the feature off after enabling it. I used it for a half a day today, and turned it off this evening. The lack of functionality on mobile makes this an absolute mess with the algorithm for sorting comments. IMO :)

    • Rob

      Hi Mike…hoping you can help me. I can’t even find the “edit page” option on my page …soo of course I can’t get to “manage permissions” . I’ve been all over Facebook trying to figure out how to allow ” Comments on comments’ to be able to start a thread about one specific comment..no luck.

      All ideas greatly appreciated….thank you!


  • Rob

    This is driving me crazy. I see on some friends pages that there is the ability to comment on specific comments to start a thread about that comment rather than reply to only the original comment. On the bottom of peoples comments it shows the option to “like” or “Comment”. On my page it just has the option to “like” the comment. I can’t even find anything on my page that says” Edit page” so I can’t get to “Manage Permissions”
    All ideas appreciated…grateful for the help!

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