Facebook Timeline Movie Maker Lets You Create A Video Of Your Life

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Update: Facebook has a new personalized video maker tool out, which lets you reflect on your time on Facebook.

Facebook is rolling out its timeline to the masses, whether they like it or not, and the company partnered with marketing agency definition6 to let users create mini movies out of their timeline.

Basically, it lets you create a video similar to the one Facebook put out when it first introduced the timeline feature:

Go to TimelineMovieMaker.com, and you'll be prompted to "make your movie". When you click the button to do so, you'll connect to Facebook, and it will make your movie, grabbing random photos, videos and other content from your timeline. You can then change the soundtrack, choosing from options like "cinematic," "romantic," "nostalgic," "playful," etc. You can also change any of the content that was used. Once you have it the way you want it, you can share it with your friends.

Timeline Movie Maker

Not a bad way to market the feature, though the sharing part could be improved. When you post it to your wall, there is no real indication that what your sharing is a movie of your timeline. It just looks like you're sharing a link to the movie maker itself, but once it's clicked, its starts building your movie again for the viewer.

We've actually seen similar apps to the movie maker in the past, but not from Facebook itself. For example, well before the Timeline feature was even announced, there was Museum of Me from Intel:

And of course there was the much more fun and terrifying Take This Lollipop:

In fact, that's almost the anti-TimelineMovie maker. This would be a good time for a refresh of that, and really freak out the anti-timeline crowd. Facebook would love that, I'm sure.

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