Facebook Tests New Event Suggestions in the News Feed

    November 20, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Facebook may be looking to increase the reach of events across the site, as they’re reportedly testing a new feature inside users’ news feeds that suggests events that users may or may not have been invited too (or have ties to the user who created them).

Some users are seeing a new “Upcoming Events” block inside their news feeds, which contains a handful of events that may be outside their network, but are open and available to attend.

Facebook says that these are “suggestions based on what’s happening nearby.”

Here’s a screencap of the test, obtained by AllFacebook:

Facebook is also running a couple of other notable tests right now – photo sync for iOS and new comment threads inside page posts. Like any Facebook test, it’s only being seen by a small number of users and has the real chance of never hitting primetime. Have you see the new events suggestions in your news feed?

  • danmoran

    “Suggestions based on what’s happening nearby” just popped up. So far, no method to opt-out / block them. Seems like FB is always trying to limit our control over what we see.

  • Steffi

    I think this sucks. I just had this happen and I do not want it. FB – give us an opt out .