Facebook Rolls Out New Privacy Settings Globally

    December 21, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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It’s official. You should be seeing Facebook’s new privacy controls popping up any time now. The company has just announced that they should be rolling out to users are the world, including the U.S.

“Last week we told you about some new privacy tools to help manage who can see what you share on Facebook. These tools have started rolling out globally and will begin to roll out in the US starting today.”

Facebook first announced the changes earlier this month, and began rolling them out in their favorite testing ground of New Zealand yesterday.

“Today’s updates include Privacy Shortcuts, an easier-to-use Activity Log, and a new Request and Removal tool for managing multiple photos you’re tagged in. We’re also adding new in-product education that makes key concepts around controlling your sharing clearer, such as in-context reminders about how stuff you hide from timeline may still appear in news feed, search, and other places,” says Facebook.

The “privacy shortcuts” will come from a tab located at the top right of your main bar, next to your name, settings button, and home button. Facebook wants users to be able to access, learn about, and modify their privacy settings anywhere on the site.

As far as the new Activity Log goes, here’s what Facebook has to say:

“The updated Activity Log has new navigation, so you can easily review your own activity on Facebook, such as your likes and comments, photos of you, and posts you’ve been tagged in. It also has new ways to sort information, for example: Now you can quickly see public photos you’re tagged in and have hidden from your timeline, but which still appear in other places on Facebook.”

Users should start seeing the new controls soon. You can check out our full breakdown on the changes here.

  • Corrine Gurry

    Facebook has played to fast and loose with it’s tool to be forgiven or trusted ever again.

  • http://Mabuzi.com kevin

    FB privacy, FB privacy…hmmm the two words dont seem to go together.

    I dont know if any one has noticed but FB has been deleting lots of fake profiles in the last week.

  • Michelle

    These so-called privacy controls are actually far worse than before. The “view as” feature does NOT allow you to change that from public to private. So no matter how many other things you check or have to re-check to make sure your privacy settings are as high as they can be on fb, the “view as” feature allows anything you post to be public. So much for controlling our own privacy.