Facebook Releasing iOS 6 SDK Soon


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One of the big announcement to come out of last week's WWDC keynote was the integration of Facebook into iOS 6. It gives Apple a leg up on the competition for social media while simultaneously giving Facebook even more access to all the iDevice owners out there. Facebook will also let developers get a head start on making apps for iOS 6.

Facebook announced today that they will be releasing a SDK for iOS that will launch in a few weeks. The (paragraph long) announcement is short on details, but Facebook is promising that "significant new features and enhancements" that will make it a breeze to add Facebook integration to iOS apps. It will also include the tools needed to implement the base-level Facebook features that are in iOS 6.

Deeper integration with iOS apps is one thing, but the real interesting part is the implementation of the base-level Facebook features. As announced at WWDC, iOS 6 is all about sharing every little thing you do on an iDevice with the world through Facebook. You like that photo you're currently viewing in the photo app? Like it on Facebook without having to actually launch the app. It's that kind of deep-rooted experience that should have app developers excited.

Once again, details are light at the moment, but we'll let you know whenever Facebook announces the availability of the SDK. You can surely expect even more Open Graph and native applications that use Facebook for more than just signing in. Facebook needs to get into mobile and this could just be their ticket in. Let's hope they don't blow it by unleashing an embarrassing privacy-related snafu.