Facebook Profile Photo Changed More Often By Women Than Men

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Social photo aggregation and editing application Pixable has released an infographic on their blog that provides some stats about everyone's single most important picture of themselves - no, not the driver's license photo, the Facebook profile picture.

Not only do we find that 10% of all of the photos on Facebook are profile photos, but that with each year people are changing their profile pictures more often. As of right now, users are uploading three times the amount of profile photos that they were in 2006.

Are people becoming more self-expressive? Trying to stand out in the crowd? Are people just bored? Here's what Pixable thinks:

Perhaps, we recognize that having an online presence is now the norm and maintaining it is important. The internet after all has become an integral part of many of our lives, and Facebook is only becoming a more primary channel of communication – a channel that ties every message to an online representation of ourselves (our profile page)

We also learn that women change their profile pics more often that men. What could possibly be the reason?

Perhaps it’s that self-expression is more important to them and this is one form of it. We could also ask if females are simply more vain.

Hey, they said it, not me.

Josh Wolford
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