Facebook Must Remove Page Outing Sex Offenders, Says UK Judge

    November 30, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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According to a UK High Court, Facebook is not allowed to host a page that publicly outs convicted sex offenders.

A Judge has given Facebook 72 hours to remove a page called Keeping our kids safe from predators, which routinely posts personal information and photos of child predators in Northern Ireland.

The decree stems from a suit brought by a convicted sex offender, only referred to as “XY.” XY claims that the Facebook page amounts to harassment, misuse of private info, and a violation of his privacy. He fears that he may be attacked or otherwise publicly degraded as a result of the page. Facebook has apparently already removed any mention of XY on the page, but the court’s ruling demands that Facebook take an extra step and nix the page altogether.

“Society has dealt with the plaintiff in accordance with the rule of law. He has been punished by incarceration and he is subject to substantial daily restrictions on his lifestyle,” said the Judge.

The page owners have acknowledged the ruling, and are already suggesting alternative pages for pedophile tracking and claim to be in the process of setting up an alternate page in the event of the current page’s removal:

“Hi all, Un fortunately this page may be removed any time soon. On this other facebook page you can see daily paedophile crimes listed. So far over 17,000 UK paedophiles have been named on the website, and a few from each days court cases are posted on to the page below

The next page will be called “keeping our kids safe from predators 2″ and it will b coming from america at least there they wont take the page down so every1 keep and eye out 4 it,” they say.

“So the man, or I mean mess of a human being, that’s taken this page to court, he must want to be the head paedophile and rule over all sex offenders. He will be like a god to them.”

Facebook policy bans any convicted sex offender from operating an account, but this ruling takes a look at the flip side and looks to protect them from additional punishment via the actions of other Facebook users. What do you think? Should Facebook be forced to remove the page?

[via BBC]
  • Herein

    Here in America, we give people second chances. We, no, we don’t. But we like to think we are compassionate, forgiving, merciful and grace filled.

  • mary jane walsh

    yes they should take the site down at the person that set the site up is making threats and making falsey allegation againt people that are not sex ofenders using the site as a weapon against people he dont like and lot thes are not sex offenders he should be prosecuted

  • Babachet

    Absolutely, its a shame our country (the US) allows it.. We need to get rid of the hysteria driven website that helps nothing, it serves no purpose. Let people have a second chance. Facebook has a ton of creeps 99% are not listed on the sex offender registry.

  • HadjiGupta

    Why are so many people openly hostile to those who have committed a sex offence? Why not be just as hostile to theives, drug users, and murderers? What you should be concerned about are those who have not been convicted of an offence and are out there lurking right now- not the ones who were caught and punished and now under monitoring and severe restrictions. People that operate websites and facebook pages that harass those that they view as unable to fight back and at the same time make a tidy profit from it are nothing more than pathetic hideous leeches and should be more reviled than the sex offenders themselves.

  • jeff Morgan

    As a sex offender i preyed on the helpless I was incarcerated where I learned through god and therapy how to manage my behavior. Monitoring does help me manage my behavior. It protects others from me and protects me from haters who might falsely accuse me. Offenders use revenge as justification. How is this page any different. Attacking us is the same as when we attacked our victims. Facebook is also allowing these( vigilantes???) to attack. Are they now cyber offenders?

  • wifeofso

    As a wife of a Sex Offender I am a mother of two beautiful children who Facebook and other sites do not take into consideration their effects that our children have to suffered due to their lack of research on sex offenders. Not all are out to get you. But, our children appreciate your lack of concern for them where is their protection?

  • sam


  • z


  • David

    This info should only be on official state and federal web sites. Outing sex offenders only hurts their wives, kids and other family members. Ofter their punishment is completed, they should be able to have a second chance at a normal life.

  • http://neosimian-sapiens.blogspot.com Neosimian Sapiens

    I recently discovered the website http://www.homefacts.com which (if you live in the USA) provides all kinds of statistics about a given zip code. I noticed that it could list local offenders. It turns out there were three in this area. The site provides mug shots of each one, address, known aliases, and what appears to be an official summary of the offense(s). In my opinion, this dry, facts-only approach gives people the information they want (i.e. “Is my neighbor a danger?”) without inviting a mob reaction.

  • james

    i am a convicted sex offender(posession of child pornography) yet i really dont see much of a downplay on my life as a result. ive got and am given second chances. theyre probably just doing whats right with the intention of protecting children. the ones posting the threats, maybe they believe its right. regardless . as RESPONSIBLE adults we can check the state registry if we are concerned. theres no need to do nothing else. thats how i think anyways. sorry if yall dont understand. i try

  • kevin

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the people or person at facebook gets caught in an accusation of sex molestation that allegedly happened 20 years ago and ends up on the registry?.

    He’d be banned from the very place he enjoys banning other citizens from.