Facebook Mobile Count Hits, Passes 100 Million

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Facebook recently updated its official "Statistics" page to reflect the fact that it attracts about 400 million users on a monthly basis.  Today, Facebook announced another interesting piece of data: over 100 million folks can be counted upon to access the site from their mobile phones in the same timeframe.

Chamath Palihapitiya, Facebook's vice president of user growth, disclosed this detail by posting it on the Facebook Blog, and also wrote, "This usage happens on almost every carrier in the world and comes less than six months after we announced 65 million people on Facebook Mobile."

Impressive, right?  To put those figures in perspective, the population of the Philippines is in the neighborhood of 100 million, and so is the population of Mexico.

Also, the number of people who just started using Facebook mobile in the last five months (35 million) is about equal to the number of people who make their home in Algeria, and greater than the number of people who inhabit Canada.

More growth seems likely to occur, too.  Palihapitiya concluded his post by stating, "No matter which mobile device you own, you can always stay connected through Facebook using our mobile applications, sites or SMS."

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