Update: Facebook is Up…Kind Of (After Downtime)

No Fail Whales

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Update 3: Facebook has now tweeted saying, "Facebook is available again after being down for a brief period. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Facebook Apologizes for outage
Facebook Apologizes for outage

Guess it was page related after all.

Update 2: It seems, as a commenter points out, that Facebook is still down for some people. Tweets continue to roll in to that effect. (5pm Eastern)

People are taking jabs at Mark Zuckerberg for being person of the year now. 

Some are saying they were seeing the new page designs before the outage (though we never saw it on ours), so something likely went wrong with the rollout.

It’s back up. It’s rare for FB to go down like that, but to the company’s credit, the outage didn’t last too long, especially compared to MasterCard’s recent two-day outage. 

For the record, I’m not seeing this new Page design yet either. 

Original Article: Facebook appears to be down, at least for many people. We’re seeing a lot of chatter about it on Twitter.

As Twitter user DJDearest says, "Facebook is down. Productivity at offices across the world just went up 356%."

We don’t know if it has anything to do with the recent "Anonymous" attacks, but Facebook did recently take down their Facebook Page. Although, Twitter took down their account too, and given Twitter’s reputation for downtime, you would think it would be down also. 

Here is a sample of what some other people have to say about it on Twitter:

Faceobok down
It’s very unusual for Facebook to go offline like this, unlike say Twitter. No Fail Whales to look at though.

Mashable speculates that this is tied to a rollout of redesigned brand pages. 
I wonder how much money Facebook is losing while this is going on. 

Touch.facebook.com is working. 

Update: Facebook is Up…Kind Of (After Downtime)
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  • http://www.body-rockin.com James

    Yeah I was on posting some updated about 30 minutes a go, profiles and Pages started loading funnty, then poof can’t get back on at all right now.

    • Chris Crum

      Try now.

      • MerryChristmas

        It’s only loading a blank page, I have been having problems with fb for a couple of days. Not receiving messages, my IM not working either. When someone would reply to me, it would just reply what I had just said. I think they have been having quite a few issues going on. Took me over an hr. to download a new pic the other night too.

  • Guest

    It’s technically “up” but only loading a blank page. I thought the outage was due to their comment server being overwhelmed by the criticism stemming from the “new” suck-ass photo pages.

  • http://www.gloriarand.com Gloria Rand

    The Facebook crash resulted in the page changes going away that had taken effect earlier today. I hope they stay gone! I did not like the elimination of tabs.

    • Chris Crum

      I don’t believe we ever got the changes in the first place. Must not have fully rolled out.

  • Guest

    Facebook isn’t up, just shows a blank page and won’t load at all

    • http://www.unilago.com Guest

      Facebook is working but just in mozilla not in IE

      • Chris Crum

        Working for me in Chrome.

        • Guest

          Nope still nothing, ive tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Facebook really need to do more testing instead of just throwing updates out

        • Guest

          Not in Chrome for me.

      • Guest

        It’s not working on Mozilla for me.

    • Chris Crum

      Appears to depend on the user. A lot of us were getting that initially, but are now seeing Facebook back to normal.

  • Guest

    What am I supposed to do while it’s down?

    Just Saying

  • http://vickihopkins.com Guest

    It’s not up. Still not loading. I’ve cleared cache, used 3 browsers, and still no pages. It’s mostly blank without and design. Only a few links.

  • Guest

    Can’t get on with my phone, firefox or IE. Just getting a blank page, still. I realize they need to update periodically, but come on already. Give us a warning or something!!!

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