Facebook And Twitter Becoming More Important For Job Recruitment

More employers turning to social media for recruiting

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Social networks lead all other recruiting channels for planned investment by employers as the economy rebounds, according to a new survey by recruitment platform Jobvite.

The survey found 83 percent of respondents use or plan to use social networks for recruiting this year. LinkedIn (78%), Facebook (55%) and Twitter (45%) are the most popular social recruiting platforms, while MySpace is used by 5 percent of respondents.




"While the economy begins to recover, companies looking to make new hires are seeking the most cost-effective, efficient ways to find new talent. As our third annual survey shows, social network recruiting has become a mainstream channel for employers who need access to talent," said Dan Finnigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jobvite.


"Job boards launched a revolution in recruiting more than 15 years ago. And now, social networks are doing the same — but in a targeted way. Through social recruiting, companies are learning they can find the best talent efficiently, without making a major investment."

Other highlights from the survey include:

*92 percent of those actively hiring in 2010 currently use or plan to recruit via social networks

*Among this group, 86 percent use LinkedIn, 60 percent use Facebook and 50 percent use Twitter for recruiting

*In addition, 50% of hiring companies plan to invest more in social recruiting while only 17% will spend more on job boards and 36% will spend less



Facebook And Twitter Becoming More Important For Job Recruitment
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  • http://thecomputergal.com Nora McDougall Collins

    The next question is HOW will they use social media in their recruiting efforts? Are they using social media to:

    1) Weed out high risk applicants?
    2) Find people who are looking for work?
    3) Find people who meet their criteria, but aren’t looking for work?
    4) Other
    5) All of the above
    6) Some of the above

  • http://certifiedfreelance.com Florante Valdez

    Social media has actually become a platform for the synergism of the employers and the job seekers. And the best benefits that this gives to both parties is the accessibility of information, the amount of time that generally takes to complete the hiring process is greatly reduced and at the same time, it broadens the reach of talents and companies that can be tapped. And the future can offer enormous possibilities on what other things social media can do for businesses and job seekers.

  • http://mktpro.com/ bienvenido

    I agree with this article. Searching the applicant names using social networking site like facebook is one way of confirming or verifying the accuracy of the applicant records…

    This helps me a lots as an HR Manager to fasten the recruitment process.

  • youcantbeserious

    People will never trust FB to keep their personal information secure. How many people do you know on facebook that actually give their real address? Thats how much confidence people have in FB. Thats a major reason why this latest idea will not float, its about trust.

  • http://www.theexpertseocompany.com Andrew

    While I think having a social account can be fun and useful, these days employers are using them to check up on future candidates or even present employees. they do this mainly to see what’s being said among other things as I know of several cases where employees involved in mergers would talk about it online and thus threaten the deal going through. Facebook etc have their place but a bit of common sense is needed in what you post on them.

  • payal gupta

    I dont thinks so…. networking sites has been become a source for recruitment….

  • http://www.integralfusion.co.za/ Hukum

    I agree with Facebook & twitter

  • http://www.wordse.com Roselima Bussner

    To those job seekers right there, I’ve read this site www.wordse.com that gives ideas and tips in finding job. This helps alot, here are top job interview question which I’ve read and found.

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