Expect The Walking Dead Episode 3 In August

    July 6, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Everybody loves The Walking Dead and its various licensed properties like tabletop and video games. Telltale Games has been doing exceptionally well with its episodic game series based on the TV series and fans are already getting into the nitty gritty of Episode 2. Of course, that opens the question to when fans can expect to see Episode 3.

Telltale Games took to the company blog yesterday to let everybody know that they are super thankful for the response Episode 2 has received thus far. The game is currently is sitting at an 85 on Metracritic which is unheard of for a licensed game based on a popular property. It’s good to see Telltale bucking the trend of awful licensed games that exist only to ride on a franchise.

Telltale says that Episode 3, which is titled Long Road Ahead, will be out in the middle of August. They say that they hope to get the game out simultaneously across all platforms, but that’s really up to their partners. That’s the reason why Episode 2 was delayed to a Friday on the PlayStation 3 instead of the usual Tuesday. Having the game come out on the same day across all platforms ensures that all players are on equal footing and that spoilers will be kept to a minimum.

If you have yet to dive into the world of The Walking Dead, now is as good of time as ever. The episodic series is available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac. Here’s the trailer for the newest episode which launched last week – Starved For Help.

  • Alexander

    ” It’s good to see Telltale bucking the trend of awful licensed games that exist only to ride on a franchise.” the game is actually quite good despite the article.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      Bucking the trend means that Telltale made a great game despite the stigma that licensed games carry. I was praising them and the game.

  • Raj

    Game is amazing. Telltale games have really done well with this one. I had no idea who telltale games were, but now they’re amazing and I feel in the same league as EA, Ubisoft, Activision and Konami. Just amazing

  • Raj

    Still waiting for the new episode to come out though, any news on that? It’s August 20

    • dylan

      Seriously, its aug. 21st and no episode 3.. wtf.. its passed mid august, and todays Tuesday.. maybe will come tonight?

  • Fever

    Its august 22nd and still no Episode 3.. Can this hurry and come out!! at least before I start School again. >:(

  • joke

    The release is now pointless the majority of us probably have forgot our story lines. Even if you do replays an developed a new story or keep, the story at hand that you have. Doesn’t help with these release dates. We all can sit here an place blame on Telltale. Though I think they weren’t expecting a huge audience return from this game. Instead they have a big fan community of this series now. An they are overwhelmed an trying to deliver a episode and they aren’t. Lastly wouldn you have all 5 episodes done before releasing the game. Like I said they weren’t expecting this big audience. An now paying for trying to develop new episodes to meet the expectation of gamers and community of this series. I understand you have dot the your i’s and cross your t’s. Once all said and done for the actual release episode 3. The gamer – consumer will not be as interested – hooked as before due to the delay. Especially if episode 3 is not a big turn out “control – seat grabber” due to the delay.

  • Fever

    if this game doesn’t come out by tomorrow I am raging and most likely going to say fuck you telltale and never buy another fucking game from them.