Eva Marcille Takes Photo With BF After Filing Restraining Order

    April 9, 2014
    Emily Greene
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The happiness of becoming parents didn’t seem to seep into the relationship between Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall. Or did it?

On March 28th, Marcille filed and won a restraining order against her rapper boyfriend accusing him of kicking down four doors in their house, chasing her around their house, and trying to take their two-month-old daughter Marley Rae out of her arms during a heated argument.

The restraining order requires McCall to stay 100 feet away from Marcille, but it seems he isn’t obeying the order. Nor does Marcille seem to care.

Just days after filing the restraining order against McCall, Marcille was all smiles with him and their daughter Marley in a photograph she posted on Instagram with the hashtag “#familyfirst.” She even tagged McCall and Marley (who at just two months old already has an Instagram account) in the photo.

And early Tuesday morning McCall tweeted out that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear.

So does this mean there is no longer trouble in paradise? That the couple worked it out?

Since being granted the restraining order and taking the happy family photo with McCall, Marcille has been posting many photos of quotes to Instagram. They look to be directed toward people who are choosing to pass judgement on the decisions she has made regarding her relationship with McCall. (Or maybe they’re just quotes she enjoys.)

One fan on Instagram posted the following comment on the last photo:”@evamarcille I wish you nothing but the BEST. No relationship is ever perfect & it just sucks that you’re in the ‘spotlight’ for everybody to THINK they can have a say on what goes on in your life. Every relationship goes through things some worse than others but at the end of the day it’s what right in your heart for YOU & your lil FamJam. Sending Peace, LOVE, & POSITIVE vibes Sister QUEEN.”

One fan seems to think the babymoon is over for the new parents.

Image via Eva Marcille, Instagram.

  • notjustanindex

    That is one ugly baby!

  • Eric Saxx

    notjustanindex” you are an idiot for your comment about the baby. I am guessing you have none but one day you will rue your asinine comment.
    What kills me is when people post on instagram/twitter, etc and then say people should be quiet and not get in their business and that they don’t know their business. It is like putting a bumper sticker on your car and not expecting the world to comment (in their minds). I always wanted to engage someone on a bumper sticker to see their faces. Obviously you are speaking to the world when you put up a sticker.

  • Whydid Youblockme

    She’ll have a black eye next. If these celebrities don’t want people commenting on their personal lives they should quit posting THEIR PERSONAL LIVES on Instagram & Twitter.

  • Tony Ventana

    What’s the difference between a monkey and a chimp?