Erin Moran Homeless After Getting Kicked Out Of Trailer Park

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Erin Moran, 51, who played Joanie Cunningham on the beloved classic sitcom “Happy Days”, is now said to be homeless and running out of money in Indiana.

The former television star is reportedly moving from hotel to hotel after being kicked out of the trailer she shared with her husband and his mother, allegedly because of her “partying”.


Image: SplashNews

She has reportedly been kicked out of hotels, as well:

“On several occasions the hotel management warned Erin to curb her unruly behavior. But they finally had enough of her temper and demanded that she immediately leave the property.”

She received a large settlement after suing CBS alongside her former co-stars for breach of contract, but hasn’t done much acting work in years aside from appearing on a few reality shows, and friends are worried that she is rapidly running out of money.

Moran was recently spotted wandering around a hotel parking lot, smoking and appearing disoriented.

Erin Moran Homeless After Getting Kicked Out Of Trailer Park
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    where is the SAG. don’t they help their fellow actors in need???

  • diane

    Her next T.V. gig will be on Dog the Bounty hunter.

    • http://none Jeff

      Well she will be on a T.V show again

  • Gregg

    Joanie can come live with me……

    • Marie

      I suppose she couldn’t or didn’t pay her SAG dues.

  • Brenda Harding

    that’s sad is all I can say too bad for her hopefully she’ll get the help she needs

  • bob o link

    “Monday, Tuesday unhappy days….Thursday, Friday…unhappy days…”

  • Kenneth Cook

    Homeless? I cannot fathom how someone who made more money on her Happy Days sitcom than I ever will during my lifetime can end up homeless. One thing is for sure. If I see her on the streets and she panhandles like so many of the homeless people do I will turn her away. Maybe one day she will see the light and get the help she needs.

    • http://none Jeff

      good one

    • John R

      How much do you think she made from a sitcom back in the 70’s and from a lawsuit where the attorneys take the biggest cut then split it up several ways and since it was from the show her manager agent and the rest take there piece not much left and to not work in tha tfield for 20 years not hard to believe shes broke

  • brian

    Say is isn’ so shortcake

  • LG

    This is reality, folks. Check out all the depressing reality TV shows. No more happy sitcoms. Why?? Probably because we do not live in “happy” times anymore.

    • madge4ever

      Times are as happy as you make them. Perhaps you should stop watching the depressign reality shows and find your own happiness.

  • bob o link

    the one pic looks like she’s got her hand out to score some crack….

  • http://Yahoo Beth Courtright

    It’s really sad that Erin only thought of herself after winning that settlement. That’s why she’s in the state that’s she’s in. I can’t feel sorry for her but I feel sorry for her husband if he didn’t party along with her. The article or the tweets didn’t mention they had a child or kids and I’m happy about that. So for all you people that want to feel sorry for her please feel because I really can’t and I really won’t. But I will say this though I hope and pray that someday she’ll get her act together and get the help that she really needs.

    • Fred

      There you go, Beth. Standing up for non-compassion! I guess someone has to lead the forray.

  • Jeff

    Richard Cummingham should have money to burn! Where is Richie?

  • Janie

    How the hell do these actors & actresses keep screwing themselvesout of fortunes?
    Give te dammned money to me!I’ll feed & house homless animals & ppl!

  • http://none Jeff

    Her T.V happy days brother has plenty of money to burn! Where is Richie Cunninham?

  • jabo

    One would think that Billionaire Ron Howard would help her. But my number one question is, why is this news?

  • Stephen

    Where in Indiana? She needs help, treatment center, intervention,relocation,therapy… I could send a church liason to get her off the street,and get her the help she needs… Indiana is a big state.

    • Danice Landrum

      I hope she responds to you or someone does. As a human being to another, thanks for offering to help her. You have a big heart.

    • Sherri

      I saw in another article that she was in Corydon, Indiana (southern Indiana)at a cheap motel.

      • http://n nancy

        I hope for the best and the family start over or have one of her friends or family could help get back her trailer or start .a small job . just like any other person! homeless is no good!:{

  • Mary

    Joanie, Joanie, Joanie, what the hell happened?

  • pat

    ron howard needs to put her in one of his movies

  • LisaY

    I feel bad for her. I’ve seen her on a couple of reality shows and she didn’t seem all there. Appears to have some sort of mental illness. Hope she gets some help, both financial and psychological.

    • Fred

      I agree, Lisa. That’s the first thing I thought of. Mental illness. I wish some of her co-stars would help her out in that regard. Of course she has to want that and not every mentally ill person wants help (or someone elses idea of help).

      The other thing is she sounds very confrontational. That makes it difficult for anyone to reach out to her. There’s something going on with her thinking that isn’t quite right.

  • dave

    OMG…..she looks 101

  • drew

    Joanie loves Crackie

    • JustMe

      Ya think crack?

  • Wayne

    make choices in life and we have to live with those choices….Erin Moran obviously has made some very poor choices and is now paying the price for those choices.

  • JustMe

    Reading the headline I thought Indiana? Not too far from Illinois and she can live here for a bit. Then I read. I will not be the one to take her in. I will not enable her life (if what’s reported is true). SO very sad, but fixable!

  • hop sing

    She should do some good old fashion She/male porn.

    • JustMe

      That’s just wrong “hop sing”. Good gosh!

  • Lynn K

    That damn cha-chi! I knew it was coming.

  • Danice Landrum

    Remember when the lady from Superman was homeless? People reached out to her. Some celebrities have people hired to handle thier money. Take Billy Joel years ago. He had a family member handleing his money and he ended taking millions of dollars. This happens a lot. You need to watch whos watching your money.

  • http://msn charles

    thats sad

  • Edna

    You have to ask youself where is Richie, Henry Winkler, Scott Baio and the others. Even if they wanted to be selfish they could do a reality tv show titled “Getting help for Joanie.” It could be about the Happy Days group getting together and doing an intervention for her along with a psychologist. Do they care for this woman at all. Or have they ever cared for her. I’m quite sure plenty of people would step in to see Ron Howard a famous director give his take on Erin Moran and discuss their scenes as kids and how she’s beacme today and his views etc. As well as a scene where they’re all bonding.

    • Fenix

      Apparently many have tried to help her in the past. Baio said he has reached out numerous times but is done trying. The simple fact that a person needs help does not always translate to them actually wanting help.

  • JustMe

    Is that a pic of her or her mom in law?

  • http://yahoo scott zaccagnini

    Where is Chachi when you need him?

  • philip o’carolan

    felt bad just as i read it,but i was homeless off and on for 12 years. i didn’t get a spot on the net where without a doubt the whole happy days world or any other world would come to my rescue. i suffer from P.T.S.D.

    • Anonymous

      I send you my best wishes…

  • http://Yahoo rick parks

    to everyone who says “where are her rich costars and why aren’t they helping?” Enabling a drug addict is not helping. She has to want to help herself. Don’t blame her former castmates.

    • Chuck

      It didn’t say that she was drug addict.

    • benny harris

      more than a hundren year ago, mentally defective people were killed and labled demonically possessed by demons and tortured for ‘healing’. Most thought they were doing God a favor hurt and abuse people who for medical reasons were thought of as less than human. Drug addiction is a disease. In fact most people are ‘hooked’ on some kind of drug and/or motivated by media to ‘medicate’ physical and socail ills and problems, includeing the fact of the drugs in our food, makes it almost impossible for anyone not to be a drug addict. But illegal drugs cost goverment momey and lost lives, that combination demands attention no doubt, but drug addicts are sick people who need medical and spiritual help. Bottom line: without support from others willing to sacrifice time and energy, the drug addicts willingness to change and support from a medical standpoint and spiritual foundation. Besides, if you are willing to help someone who needs help, then you are human and not overtaken with the spiritual drug of self-righteous pride

  • chell

    She is a human being and deserves the same respect a Mom , daughter, sister, wife would. She needs help. Why are some of you being so cruel about a serious situaion?!

    • John

      why are you such a SEXIST? Many of Males have fallen on hard times as well. It’s just the Child Star Business that ruins these Child Stars.. Builds them UP to Fail in Life.

  • edith saunders

    this stupid cunt should get her facts straight! Geraldo didnt go digging for jimmy hoffa’s body, he was trying to unearth Al Capone’s hidden treasure

  • donald conners

    she needs help

  • dennis


  • commentary

    That’s terrible, she looks like she is 80 now. Such a shame.

  • http://macmyke.net Michael Murray

    Cowards. Every last one of them; truley only in the biz for themselves… want proof? see any big names from that show stand up for the fellow actors when they first took the big-shots to court?

  • jj solari

    she still looks pretty hot to me

  • ralph malph

    Well, Mr. C needs to kick Fonzie off the couch and let Joannie
    sleep there.

  • Dondi Smith

    She looks bad!!!! It’s sad she got kick out of her home I wonder where she’s going to go. I hope things work out for her!!

  • Mike

    Joanie loves Crystal.

  • B

    I pray someone gets her the help she needs since it is obvious she has serious issues.

  • Steph

    Unlike the majority of the ruthless people making sarcastic and crappy remarks, I feel sorry for her. Why in the world do the majority of people feel the need to pick fun at someone’s misfortune. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Mike

    ‘Skanky loves Chachi’

  • nt

    “Sit on it!” Richie to rags.

  • Mike

    ‘Tweeky loves Crunchy’

  • Mike

    What a meth!

  • Steveo

    Maybe Fonzie can put them up for a while! He loved short cake!

  • sasha

    why don’t her fellow actors from happy days help her? this is terrible, and heartless for those who are on top forgetting about those who also contributed to their success Shame on you

    • Debbie

      And why should her former cast members continue to enable her bad behavior? It is not their fault she has and is making bad choices in her life. It is called accountability and the world is beginning to sadly lack this noble trait. She is accountable for her life, not her castmates.

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