Erin Andrews Still Plagued By Sherman Interview

    August 21, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Erin Andrews says she still thinks about that severely awkward (and later, viral) interview from January.

That “interview” had everyone talking, and laughing, about Richard Sherman for days, but Erin Andrews is still bothered by one aspect of the whole fiasco.

She said she was struggling to think of a follow up question when he started ranting. Sherman yelled that he is “the best corner in the game” and began a verbal lashing of Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers.

“When he started going off, I was able to quickly think to myself, ‘Oh God, this is big because no athletes do this,’” she said.

“We want them to do this, and the president of Fox Sports said it perfectly when we were flying back to Los Angeles that night. He just said, ‘This is why we do those interviews. We hope for something like this.’”

Well, she hoped for it and she got it! Erin Andrews asked him to elaborate on who was talking about him, but just got, “Crabtree!”, then more ranting.

“Oh God, I better have a really good follow-up question or I’m gonna be crucified.” Andrews said of what was going through her mind.

That’s where she failed, according to many. Erin Andrews says throwing Joe Buck into the situation is her big regret from that interview.

“If anything, I’m upset about that interview [because of] the way I threw to Joe Buck,” she said.


“I had my next question ready, I was getting ready to get into it, but I know Fox’s producers were looking out for me. … I was getting ready to ask the next question, and they just said, ‘Get it to Joe, get it to Joe,’ and if anything, I think I made them look bad by going, ‘Uh, let’s send it to Joe’,”

Andrews continued, “That was just kind of my surprised, jerky, idiot way of doing that, and that’s what I’m upset about from that interview — myself. Any other thing about it, I thought it was awesome.”

Not that Erin Andrews needs to be worrying about that interview so much now that she in enjoying a significant and controversial career boost.

Good luck to Erin Andrews on her new gig!

  • Croid

    She no how to get Chimpy to go “bananas” an sheeut fo reels…..an we got too watch da reel inner chimp come outta lil Dicky Shurmon …… nowutimesayin

  • KpomKwem

    Er, who is this?

  • guest

    She sucks and I will never watch anything she covers!!!

    • Guest

      She’s the only reason I watch football

  • D-Bw0y

    BlTCHEZ have NO place in football ANYWAYZ!!!!!!

  • Jana

    She’s such an idiot; and she’s not beautiful at all.

    • Not far enough N.E


      • Shana

        You must be an AA too@!!

  • 55saveslives

    She is terrible at every interview. Pressure or not! It sucks that the networks are so hard up to have a woman do the job. They should have someone QUALIFIED do the job…man or woman. I preferred when retired players like Lynn Swann and OJ did it. Great questions and conversation.

  • Amy Jones

    Sherman reminds me a lot of Mike Tyson at the top of his game. Great player, smart, but bat shit nuts. Eventually Tyson tattooed his face and threatened to eat babies. It will be “must see TV” to see what depths Sherman’s mental illness takes him.

  • emncaity

    Must be awesome to be in the public eye like this, and have people who don’t know you at all calling you an “idiot” and saying you “suck.”

    • thatguyfromthesouthside

      She’s a professional, I really doubt she cares what some internet trolls think/say about her.

  • Tre3

    Erin Andrews is a joke! A good looking one, but she has totally crafted the bimbo news reporter stereotype and personified it! She is a caricature!

  • Rudybow

    The title says plagued, but she talks about how it was an interview she liked and wish she had more of. Y’all don’t know who Erin Andrews is? She’s that hot woman that walks around on the sideline and interviews players and staff. .

  • Dr Terry

    First, Sherman is nothing more than a typical african black, and will always be black when he goes anywhere….and Erin is a pathetic reporter who plays on her “supposed” looks, but with nothing between the ears.

  • Ben June

    Talent-less. Knows nothing about the details of football. Eye candy for the boys. Good at being blonde and wearing hair extensions.

  • george smithson

    If only she would do interviews in a tank top and no bra…

  • http://batman-news.com bryan

    Erin andrews is beautiful anyone who dislikes her is either jelous of her career or blind. Go Erin your fans love you. don’t let the haters get to you you are doing a wonderful job at your interviews some of these players just don’t know how to treat women.

  • Gary

    She needs to just go away. There is no need for her to be covering any sports related programs. If she can’t handle the Sherman interview, it will just get worse. Everybody knows and will take advantage.

  • why-o-dude

    Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame for that circus of an interview over yet?

  • Jay

    Can Erin Andrews just go away?? Is that possible?

  • Praxis

    Dang. I just watched the interview for the first time, and I am not sure that there is really a “better” way to react to Sherman’s rant. I mean really, what could she have asked next? “So, what is your favorite color? What is next for you?”

  • Eden F Moura

    Consequently, those of us who used to relish a sport that was a quintessentially a “guy thing,” are stuck with empty headed sideline reporter wanna-be’s like Erin Andrews, who bring a pretty face but no depth of knowledge of the sport she covers. And what I am talking about is an innate knowledge that comes from having played the sport or coached or in some substantial way having been involved with it. Erin was simply exposed to something she had never been exposed to before; she was getting the visceral cry from a man that had surpassed another man in a physical battle of will, physical prowess and whit and had beaten him… This was an Andy Dufresne “crawling through half a mile of shit to come out smelling clean on the other side” kind of moment. You can’t teach people to understand such moments it is instinctual and can’t be learned sitting in the civilized environs of a school of journalism classroom. A pee wee football player would have reacted more appropriately to Sherman’s remarks. Erin was simply caught with the “deer in the headlight” look because she had no idea of what had just happened. Had she understood the moment she would have been able to absorb it and extended it because Sherman would have talked for half an hour had she been slightly more capable. Instead we got the equivalent reaction of a nun at Woodstock. So, yay for the chickfication of male sports;’ the masculinization of women and the effemination of men… Thank you liberal whack media… thank you, liberal, wide-eyed, left wing, ESPN… thank you for Erin Andrews’ epic fail.