Enhanced Sitelinks For AdWords Roll Out All Over The World

    September 14, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google is rolling out Enhanced Sitelinks in AdWords to all countries where AdWords is available.

The product was first announced in February, and Google suggests that early indications are that they can make AdWords ads quite a bit better for users and advertisers.

Enhanced Sitelinks

“Early testing showed that enhanced sitelinks could make ads that appear above the organic search results even more useful,” says Senior AdWords Engineer Pramod Adiddam. “And they could lead to significantly higher clickthrough rates for an advertiser than regular 2-line and 3-line sitelinks.”

Google has said in the past, that in general, ads with sitelinks have 30% higher clickthrough rates.

“Click costs and reporting work the same with enhanced sitelinks as with other forms of sitelinks,” says Adiddam. “If you decide to optimize your account around enhanced sitelinks, we suggest that you always evaluate your changes against multiple performance metrics (e.g., volume and cost effectiveness), not just whether CTR is increasing.”

Enhanced Sitelinks can only show when ads are above organic search results. Google suggests adding 6-10 sitelinks, each with a unique landing page, and having multiple active ads in your account with the same landing page URLs as your sitelinks.

Enhanced sitelinks are generated automatically so they might vary in appearance, and you might not see them all the time.

  • Zayne Thompson

    Funny that,

    I guess people trust seeing a link more than not!

    Interesting stats on google Adwords thOugh, I never thOught it was as effective as it was!

    Zayne Thompson

  • http://pendulo.com Libreria online

    Something new to learn of, exiting, but I don´t think they´re that simple.

  • Michael Ashton

    Looks like a good product, but Google doesn’t have the ability to track them independently of regular sitelinks…. How then can we prove/disprove if we are seeing a 30% higher click through rate on our own campaigns?

    • http://Harveybennett.me Harvey

      Use a 3rd party ad server or analytics tool with query parameters like “enhancedlink1”. You’ll count clicks/visits that way