Emma Watson's Chic Looks Wow At Paris Fashion Week


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Emma Watson has gone goth, y'all.

In a move that endears her to me more than a thousand advanced degrees from Brown ever would, she has not-so-subtly announced her transition to the dark side via heavy attendance at Paris Couture Fashion Week in get-ups that would make a circa-1999 Marilyn Manson envious.

While there is not enough leather in the world that will make us forget she is actually Hermione Granger in real life, Watson is doing her darndest to convince the public of her desire to be taken seriously.

And as any twenty-something creative knows, there's nothing that says serious like red lipstick and and a severe middle part. And black. Lots and lots of black.

Highlights of her many gothy-glam outfits include mismatching punk-inspired earring studs and a truly wondrous BLK DNM leather jacket that I would gladly sacrifice Watson to those big dog/wolf things in that one Harry Potter movie for.

She paired her lower-end accessories and jackets with some serious designer pieces from Givenchy and Dior, trusting the tried-and-true mix of couture and high-street fashion to endear her to the whos-who in Paris. And endear her it did, as she had the full attention of Dior CEO Sidney Toledano in the front row of the Dior runway show on Monday.

But while her new style choices are certainly making waves, they didn't completely outshine the antics of Watson and fellow starlet Jennifer Lawrence at the Dior show. In yet another move that I guess is supposed to make us Normals feel like Lawrence is truly the peoples' millionaire, she jokingly face-palmed Watson for the photographers to the delight of the internet.

Watson took this all in stride, but I'm sure she was inwardly fuming that her visage of aloof sophistication was ruined. Thanks a lot, Jennifer Lawrence.

Image via Twitter