Eminem Stabbed in NYC? Nope, Just Another Facebook Hoax

By: Josh Wolford - May 15, 2013

Rapper Eminem left nearly DEAD after being stabbed 4 times in NYC!

That’s the message circulating around Facebook right now. The post claims that the whole thing was caught on surveillance video, and offers a link to said video.

Luckily for Eminem, the whole thing is just another Facebook hoax. One that if followed, will simply lead you down a path of survey scams, info phishing, and perpetuation of the scam via blanket Facebook shares.

Here’s what the hoax post looks like. It features what appears to be a white male, with multiple knife wounds on his back. I guess it could be Eminem, right?


Clicking on the link takes you to a site called amazingvid.biz, which features a video embed and what appears to be a Facebook comments plugin. But when you click to play the video, it asks you to share it with your Facebook friends before clicking play again. And those Facebook comments? Fake and unclickable. They’re simply there in an attempt to give legitimacy to the scam.


This Facebook scam is simply a rehash of a scam from 2011 that used the exact same image of a white male with his back sliced up to convince Facebook users that Justin Bieber had been stabbed “by a crazed fan outside an NYC nightclub.”

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  • lela Traylor

    Thank goodness, this is not true. How evil people are to start such stuff. Sounds like people need to find themselves something worthwild in their life and leave others alone.

  • Roger Moore

    Can’t Facebook be sued for this crap?

    • Peter

      for what? Facebook didnt post it.

    • jeremy

      This is exactly what’s wrong with the world. Everyone wants to sue someone over something.

  • keegan

    This is crap,I almosst had a brain freeze

  • Dave

    I think you have to be a bit of a cunt to believe this shit…or American. x

    • Katie

      Yet you are here. What are the chances you googled it to find out more about it?

      Many celebrities have been attacked, some even killed. What’s so farfetched about Eminem being attacked?

      • Martin

        I actually did, because I had an idea it was fake, so why not google it before pressing the link? I’m not stupid…but I guess some people are…

    • Zack

      let me guess your probably mexican or something who talks shit about america because we were smart enough to deport your illegal ass back to your shit hole country, why come here to fuck up our country when you could simply make yours better. Keep our countrys race pure! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

      • fu

        what the F… you ignorant piece of sh.. Who the he.. told you that your race was “pure”? This country was built by immigrants all over the world. Get your sh.. straight before commenting!

  • I’m standing begging you, behind that wall

    This would never happen, he is always around body guards…maybe shot but not stabbed… This is why social media blowssss

  • Haley

    I stupidly followed the links,but removed it as soon as the video didn’t play anything,does that mean I have opened my account to their scams now even though I removed the post?

    • David

      My computer stopped an attack on my system when I clicked on the link. I looked up this site to post the falsehood of this link to my friend to petition her to take down the link. You may have a virus if you’re computer let the link work. I would run all the clean ups you have at hand to get ahead of your system crashing or your personal information being stolen.

  • Keith Barlow

    Sick hoax!!!!!

  • Sierra Barrett


  • prina

    if CNN don’t say it, then it didn’t happen!!!!

  • erica

    thats terrible. i wish the world was different. i don’t see how people get pleasure out of saying celeberties are dead. i’m really glad he isn’t. :)

  • chloe

    OMG eminem is my favourite rapper i carnt belive he has be stabbed i wish it was apmeone else and not him

  • chloe owen jones

    O my god eminem why him he is amazing and who would do that to him plz survive from lauren cutmore chloe owen jones and aophia fluhrer

  • timmy

    its better be just be a hoax. Its nt just on CNN..so its fake.