Emily Maynard On Shocking Conclusion To “The Bachelorette”

    July 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Emily Maynard has had a turbulent season on “The Bachelorette”, facing guys who would rather insult her parenting than plan a nice date with her, among other things. But it seems she finally found a good guy within the large group who came to the show looking for love, even if she did make him wait for a very important answer.

When suitor Jef Holm got down on bended knee to pop the big question, Maynard says she was so shocked she couldn’t speak right away, which worried viewers as well as Holm.

“By far the longest few moments of my life. I felt like I was sitting down there forever,” Holm said. “It was a big decision and I hadn’t told anyone I was going to propose to her…It came as a shock to her, totally.”

Maynard says she wasn’t prepared for it, but should have been.

“It was kind of a surprise because we’ve never really talked about an engagement, even though I should have known,” Maynard said. “Really I just wanted to soak in the moment and really make a decision for my heart…Take in the moment and remember it.”

While reality television romances usually don’t last long, the couple seems confident they’ll be the exception to the rule. Holm is already planning his move to North Carolina–where Maynard lives with her 6-year old son–and thinking about their future together.

“I’m going to get a separate place there,” Holm said. “We’re going to combine our lives and I’m going to hang out with Ricki, 6, all the time and become a car pool dad. We’re just going to live our lives together and get accustomed with each other, plan a wedding, and when we get married, move in together.”

  • Susan

    Well first off congrats the new family I hope it works out great for them all. Second, from what I seen Emily’s child is a daughter, not son, check your facts and proofread……

  • koolkat9

    Now, this one needs editing! Emily’s child is not a son!!!! Please fix and resubmit.

  • Kitty

    This was NOT a “shocking” conclusion. Quite the opposite. I have thought for several weeks, that she would choose Jef. The fact that she did choose him is not a shock. He was clearly the best choice.

  • Diane Franet

    Emily lives in Norh Carolina with her 6 year old daughter named Ricki and I think it was awesome how she introduced Jef to her daughter and how the 2 got long right away and she did the right think not letting Arie meet her, because that would have been confusing to the child. And the 3 of them walking together as a family was real nice and an excellent picture. And Jef making the decision to move to North Carolina and not uproot Ricki from her friends and her schooling was an excellent and smart choice.

    Yours truly,
    Diane Franet

  • Danny

    What a dumbass girl.

    • Frankie

      Why do you say that, Danny? Do you know her personally? I do, and I don’t find her dumb at all. However, I don’t mind when people express their opinions, I just think there should be some logic behind said opinion. If you just watched the show and came to that conclusion, I suppose you’re entitled to say so. Seems kinda hurtful and insensitive to me though. Do you think just because people are on TV, they don’t have feelings, or do you just not care?

  • Frankie

    She doesn’t have a 6 year old son, as stated in the article.

  • Mike

    despite the name, ricki is not a boy, but a girl named after her father/grandfather. this will forever be one of the saddest stories and i’m still curious to know what her grandfather thinks on all of this, and hope ricky is looking down on his daughter with pride.

  • DR

    Really!!! Who gives a sheet?

    • Mumzie

      If that is the way you feel, why do you watch the show? I think you are the idiot.

  • Amy

    I’m so happy for Emily and Jef! Emily did a great job this season showing us classy, respect and still making it fun and gret tv!

  • Jill

    Doesn’t anyone proof read these things? Don’t write an “article” if you don’t have the correct facts.

  • kris

    Umm you guys are dumb. She does have a 6 year old son in ADDITION to her 6 year old daughter. She’s a hoe with lots of bros but TV can’t show all the babies.

  • Julie

    I guess the author of this article didn’t watch the show – Emily has a DAUGHTER, not a son. Why aren’t people hired in jobs who know what what they’re talking about???

  • Jones

    Amanda Crum, you are a total idiot!!!!!

  • http://yahoo j.f.

    Well I think she picked the wrong guy, she was very interested in MONEY and Jef had the most. He is definitely a smooth talker and very immature. I was hoping for Arie or Sean, to me they were real men!!I also think Jef was the only guy she slept with. Oh well hope they are all happy!!!

    • Little Ricky

      No way she slept with Mr. pompadour skinny jeans Je[f]. She is a tease and a prude. That’s what caused Brad to fly off the deep end. The second Brad picked her he wanted to get down, she said, in her hillbilly southern accent “not til we’re married, and then only missionary”…
      His head exploded, both of them. End of story. Same for Je[f] when she dumps him for the North Carolina billionaire’s son she dated before the show.

  • VickiT

    Emily’s daughter Ricki was named after her late father NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick who passed in October 2004. Jef mentioned on last night’s show that Ricki is now 7. I am not surprised Emily picked Jef. I called it when he was on the final four. If you watched past shows, they always pick the one that they don’t have much physical contact with on camera. Emily portrayed more PDA with Arie than with Jef. It’s a way of misleading the audience and then surprising them in the end. Anyway, I wish them a life full of love and happiness.



  • Little Ricky

    Great, so my over-Botoxed, capped-teeth and fake boobs mom picked the wrong guy, again. This time it was for money. Mom thinks Jef, with one “F” wtf? Mr. skinny jeans and pompadour is gonna get dumped. I don’t want to be a Mormon. Help!

  • SRD

    Crummy job, ms. Crum! If you didn’t watch the show I suggest you pass the assignment off to someone who did.

  • lani

    The writer wrote “Holm is already planning his move to North Carolina–where Maynard lives with her 6-year old son–and thinking about their future together.” Emily has a daughter not a son.