Emily Maynard, Former Star of "The Bachelorette," Is Engaged to Tyler Johnson


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Emily Maynard is engaged yet again, this time to Tyler Johnson. She has kept a bit of a low profile since, but Maynard rose to fame while searching for love on multiple reality shows.

After several engagements and failed relationships, Emily Maynard may have finally found the one. She was proposed to by her boyfriend on January 4th, and the couple will not waste any time in getting married.

Maynard has competed on multiple reality shows in her search for love, and it seems that she may have found it the old-fashioned way this time. She first rose to fame on the 15th season of The Bachelor, where she beat out many female competitors and was able to win the heart of Brad Womack.

After she split up with Womack, she went on to star in season eight of The Bachelorette, ending in a proposal from Jeff Holm. However, that engagement was called off in 2012.

In November, a source told E! that the couple very getting "very serious" and that "He's met her daughter, Ricki, and they're already like a little family unit." However, at that point, the couple did not seem to be thinking about marriage.

In addition, she was engaged to the late Ricky Hendrick. Hendrick died from a plane crash in 2004, and was the father to Emily Maynard's daughter, Ricki.

Emily Maynard met Tyler Johnson months before she started filming The Bachelorette, although they didn't start dating until after her split from Holm. Throughout their relationship in the past year, Johnson has also become very close with Ricki.

She was very excited to announce the news to the world, and shared it with everyone when saying "We're really excited! He proposed to me at home and gave both Ricki and me rings. It was so sweet! Ricki loves him more than she likes me!"

Tyler Johnson's proposal was enough to impress anyone, as he presented her a ring with five diamond-studded bands.

The two of them also shared a picture of the celebrations on New Year's Eve, days before the big proposal.

Emily Maynard currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her daughter.

Image via Instagram