Ellen DeGeneres Talks Hosting the Oscars

By: Alexandria Sardam - March 2, 2014

While Ellen DeGeneres might be running around rehearsing for her hosting stint for the Oscars, one thing is for certain: she hasn’t lost her hilarious wit.

“I like to shower. I like to shower first and comb my hair,” the 56-year-old said about her prep for the 86th Annual Academy Awards this Sunday.

“I like to smell good. I’ll put something that smells good on. My breath, I like to do a mint of some sort. And I’ll do a couple of sit-ups and push-ups. That’s what I do. And I stretch.”

The talk show host even joked about the amount of costume changes arranged for the up coming awards show.

“I’m going to change every other sentence,” the comedienne said. “I have so many things to wear!”

Aside from the funny jokes, DeGeneres did say Hedi Slimane from St. Laurent created a handful of custom looks for her.

“He’s made some gorgeous, beautiful suits,” DeGeneres said. “And I’m very honored and flattered that he wanted to put clothes on me. So I’ll be changing a few times.”

When asked if she’s nervous about the show, the hilarious lady said her wife usually takes care of the anxious nerves for her. “She gets nervous for me,” DeGeneres said.

You can watch the Oscars this Sunday, March 2 at 8:30 P.M. EST on ABC.

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