Elin Nordegren Splits With Billionaire Boyfriend

    August 16, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Elin Nordegren is back on the market. The 34-year-old Swedish beauty and her billionaire beau, Chris Cline, have parted ways after dating for one year.

Nordegren began dating Cline, 20 years her senior, back in March 2013. Rumor has it that they would even double date with Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn.


But sources say it wasn’t that weird.

“After meeting her, she found she actually liked her,” a source told Us of Elin Nordegren. “You’d think it would be weird, but Elin loves Lindsey and they talk all the time. Elin likes that Lindsey is a strong woman.”

Another said, “Elin found that they are very similar and have a lot in common.” On these out-of-the-ordinary double dates, the source said, “They laugh and talk like they have been girlfriends forever.”

Elin Nordegren began dating the coal tycoon, who also happened to be her neighbor, a while after she divorced Tiger over his magnificent cheating scandal. She reportedly was then comfortable being around Tiger because Cline had more money.

“They can be a happy foursome now that Elin has a guy even richer than Tiger,” blabbed a source.

Sounds shallow, but that seems to just be the kind of world that Elin Nordegren is part of.

Tiger Woods, for his part, seems to be doing great and actually carrying on a decent relationship with Lindsey Vonn. The two have been dating since early last year.

A source said of Elin Nordegren’s replacement, “Lindsey is really good for Tiger. She’s strong, opinionated, and keeps him in line.”

Tiger and Elin have managed to amicably co-parent their daughter, Sam, who is six, and their son, Charlie, who is 5.

Now that Elin Nordegren has dropped Chris Cline, the world awaits to see who will be next.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • headknockerrocker

    could care less-theres more stringent,urgent issues to be focused on in the world-than some greedy,seedy,leather stretched skinned plastic-brained-bimbo!

    • sixxPENCE

      Yet, you took time to make a post! Grasping the 15 watt light bulb yet?

  • norcaltc

    First sentence in the article reads: “Elin Nordegren is back on the market.”
    Using that phrase in the 21st century seems offensive.

    • Coach

      She’s not a piece of meat?


  • mickey killough

    The gold digger couldn’t mine this one, huh?

    • Rebecca Christiansen

      Mickey, you are amazing. Wait, so you don’t think Elin “deserved” her settlement right? I mean come on, all she did was sit there and raise two children while her wonderful glamorous husband came home occasionally and had unprotected sex with her after having unprotected sex with who knows who. You see, in my book – when you are a nursing a baby and your husband doesn’t care about you or your child enough to pass anything and everything on to you AND YOUR BABY that is worth about a billion dollars. Hey Mickey, you ever hear of AIDS? I think the word you hate the most is consequence, as in consequence for your actions. Grow up.

      • John L.

        Rebecca, you are clueless. In my book, if this “woman” dates no one except BILLIONAIRES, she’s a gold-digger. She couldn’t possibly see her way to love a shoe salesman, or concert violinist? She’s little more than a stuck-up B.

        • Rebecca Christiansen

          So John, you are bitter. Get beyond it. By the way, the shoe salesman at my Barneys on Wilshire here in Beverly Hills is gay. The concert violinist I know is married, has been for 40 years. She dated one billionaire. But she also married a slimeball who could hit a little white ball. Says a lot about you and what you are impressed by.

          • Mark Hudson

            Rebecca, I think i love you :)

        • Nikki Seven

          @John, but if she dated guys who didn’t have much money, those guys would be labeled “Gigolos”. If she dated guys who were younger she’d be called a Cougar. It’s always something. Me personally, I wouldn’t want a man 20 years older than me, especially being pretty and rich. It doesn’t make sense. I agree, I think she is just money hungry all the time. I don’t think she’s attracted to BLACK men OR OLD men, I think she’ll go wherever money is.

        • Nikki Seven

          And John, personally, I’m an average woman as far as income & even I don’t want a shoe salesman. I think I can do better than that. Ellin doesn’t want one either & that does NOT make her s stuck up B. Leo DiCaprio only dates MUCH YOUNGER Victoria’s Secret models who are blonde. You NEVER see him dating anything else. Is he stuck up? Idk but it’s up to him who he chooses to date, just like with Ellin.

        • disqus_crpnXU2ut2

          Why would she date someone with far less money than her, which to me he would be the one gold digging?.

  • Achyuta Chaudhuri

    One should not be too worried about high profile supposedly elite society people. Marriages and divorces are very common among these people even in countries where divorce is looked down upon.

  • Andrew Edenbaum

    Lacy Langley, the absolute worst “writer” of all time. Writes about total garbage that is of zero consequence. This country is going to hell in a hand basket.

  • Jeff Mason

    Is she on match?

  • Toots2012

    Tiger’s ex should have been charged with domestic violence and assault. She hit him with a golf club in the head and he suffered quite an injury and has never played golf the same since that injury. She ruined his career as far as I’m concerned. I miss seeing him play with the extraordinary talent he possessed.

    • Rebecca Christiansen

      Hey Toots, I am so sad you don’t get to watch Tiger hit the little white ball anymore. So you were there to see him get hit on the head? Or were you there to see him hide like a little girl in a car because he couldn’t face his wife after what he’d done became obvious? You know his wife was nursing their children when he’d come home and have unprotected sex with them. What did she do to deserve that? But again, I am so sorry you don’t get to watch that moron play golf. What you are watching instead is KARMA you moron. Oh and by the by, Rory will smash all the records.

      • John L.

        So Rebecca, you were there to see Elin stick her nipples into the mouths of other human beings? Hypocrite.

        • Rebecca Christiansen

          Nice comment John…I’m sure OJ is just misunderstood because he can play football right?? The level of tolerance you “men” project for your sports icons is nauseating but you reduce the wife to a gold digger. And the “other human beings” you refer to – you big sexist pig – would those be the mouths of her children?

          • rebecca’s ex

            Why did you place Tiger and OJ in the same sentence? are you jealous? do you have a hidden fantasy?
            did you peek in on Tiger having unprotected sex. Rebecca you need a date, or a toy with batteries.

          • Mark Hudson

            Gotta agree again. If Tiger wasn’t done playing around, he should never have married. Once you marry, everyone knows the price of infidelity is …….. HALF :)

  • Chuck

    Hey Elin can i borrow a few bucks? I’ll go on the other end of the spectrum… Maybe dating a guy that’s poor would do you some good. 😀

    • Orange Inside

      If she dated a guy that’s poor, the guy should be young & handsome. I disagree with any man who feels he can be poor AND old AND ugly. None of you have great personalities so give that up. You need to come to the table with something.

      • Chuck

        You need to not be so old ugly, poor, and pathetic – troll

      • Chuck

        Like you’re a real prize lol

        • Chuck

          I just want her because she makes more than tiger

      • Chuck

        I come to the table as a real person. Something $$$ can’t buy.

  • John

    maybe now Tiger can get refocused on his game, wonder which lucky billionaire will be her next conquest….

  • Larry H.

    Like a Kardashian story…

  • http://www.IDriveOrlando.com/ Mark Daniel Adamczyk

    She probably found out he wouldn’t marry her and split – he wants half or shes’ out!

  • azchurchmouse

    They ask her if her morals matter in the decision to have an affair……SHE IS A HOOKER for crying out loud. LMAO A HOOKER MAMA. They would need a biological DNA test to see who the father of her son is…as she probably has been with hundreds of men. Ewwwww..

  • azchurchmouse

    She looks like she is on drugs…..So is an adult film star who is going to nursing school…..I don’t want to know her as a person….thank you God I don’t know her personally.

    • mary p

      I am sure she is also delighted. You Moron

  • Kia


  • voyeurink

    Let me guess. She started dating him because he had all that money, but she got bored with him so she decided to break it off. Women…

    • So funny it hurts

      @Voyeurink, Lemme guess, that old buzzard thought a woman 20 years younger than him actually thought he was handsome. lol Men….

  • d storm

    If he were not famous and affluent, no girl that good-looking would ever date Tiger Woods.

    • d good looking one

      but you would given the chance?
      here’s a nickel buy a life

  • samailadlang

    He decided her “assets” are not worth his wealth.

  • Michigan Matt

    Maybe Elin could date a poor man with vast riches of conscience and love of God, and her life would be happier? Send her our way. lol

    • Bully #1

      @Matt, you said “vast riches in conscience”? You men are basically all cheaters, beaters, and whatever else. You don’t have vast riches in conscience, personality, OR looks. In short, you men have nothing to offer anyone.

  • Hoof Hearted

    She must be the worst f|_|ck in the world!

  • dirtydan

    let he enjoy life…she’s a beautiful cum receptacle for all comers (sorry)

  • kenneth stanfield

    Here’s a hint, whoever is Elins next love interest he won’t be a poor man or an average Joe so to speak.

  • RobbyJ

    She doesn’t scare me! I’d have no problem being next.

  • yankees12345

    This is such a crock of a story. Elin and Tiger have been to their children’t games on many occasions.



  • Jimmy

    What a gold digger. Wonder how much money she got from him in the process of her “dating (Stealing)” from this man, basically in return for her giving up her body to him. Another major money maker she seem so attracted to. I have NO SYMPATHY for this gold digging sick woman. I do not blame Tiger, I can see how he ended up having to do what he did to cope with realizing he had been trapped by a non sexual (after awhile) well built woman, who really has mental issues, from at least my point of view, but I suppose that is just my opinion, which I value offering for the intent of letting loose how I feel about people like HER.

  • BP

    Apparently all of you did not see the speech that Elin gave at her college graduation. She has more intellectual depth, intelligence, and good soul than most of you will ever experience or have the capacity to have!

  • Quinn_Eskimo


  • robby_roadkill

    She’d fuck anyone with tons of money. Up next: Donald Sterling ?

  • yaz reggae

    Inteestingly there is no one who can beat Tiger Woods, at least until the kids get to be 18! If Ms Nordgren get married within 5 years, she is good to go but she will never do that as she is too smart a cookie for that! So Tiger is still the boss, though as the Bible says, you cannot plant corn and expect yogurt! Ain’t gonna” happen. God Bless USA!

  • Afrique

    She should have stayed with Tiger. She is bound to go from men to men now. Tiger learned his lesson and would have been a good husband after the humiliation. Women have to know men of power are bound to cheat, and we are not made to be monogamous, but some of course do control our animal instinct.

  • floridagator

    A Hard Core Gold Digger

  • floridagator

    just another penniless immigrant gold-digger – not in any way pretty or nice even – just in the huge line-up of gold-diggers waiting to pounce on famous athletes and rich old men – pathetic !!

  • jabba

    the story is about elin but there are 4 pics of tiger. retarded.

  • Guest

    If she is on the market, I’ll have a piece.

  • Chuck

    If she’s on the market, I’ll have a piece of the action…