Edible Table Centerpieces: Decorations You Can Eat


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If you are planning to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, you may be planning to add a centerpiece to your table to help decorate it and make it seem more festive. Before you make or buy a floral arrangement or candle display, consider making an edible table centerpiece that will be both decorative and functional. Here are a few ideas.

Fruit Bouquet
With all the fattening foods you will be indulging in over the holidays, some fresh fruit may just hit the spot. You can buy fruit bouquets online or from some grocery stores or specialty stores. You can also make your own by cutting up the fruit, adding it onto wooden skewers and sticking them in a Styrofoam ball dropped into a vase. Kids and adults alike will enjoy these edible centerpieces.

Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate fountains make great centerpieces because they are dessert options and double as decorations. A chocolate fountain centerpiece will look great on your dessert table. Simply add a plate of fruit, cookies and other finger foods that can be dipped into the fountain.

Candy Buffet
Candy may be the last thing you associate with Thanksgiving, especially after eating all of those treats from Halloween. If you want to keep the kids happy and give the adults something to admire at dinner, use small glasses and vases as well as your favorite candies to create a candy buffet. The candy will be fun to nibble on before and after dinner and the clear vases will make the display look fabulous.

If you are going to add a centerpiece to your table for the holidays, why not choose one that can be enjoyed more ways than one.