eBay Talks Upcoming Updates for Sellers

eBay Seller Updates Coming in September

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eBay announced its upcoming seller updates for the fall. eBay’s Dinesh Lathi says the updates will help sellers take advantage of increased holiday traffic, maximize sales, and streamline their operations. "As promised, we’re continuing to consolidate changes that impact your selling into two or three releases per year with lead time to adapt," he says.

Dinesh Lathi Talks eBay updatesListing iPod/MP3 players, GPS, and DVDs with the eBay catalog will be required (for both Auction-style and Fixed Price). Sellers won’t have to pay insertion fees.

eBay will provide a listing analytics application showing impressions, clicks, and sales. Sellers will be able to bulk-edit more fields, and revise up to 500 listings at a time. There will be an auto-relist option in eBay’s Unpaid Item Assistant.

Shipping options will be displayed prominently with estimated delivery time on item pages and in checkout. Sellers will have the option to exclude buyers or show exact charges based on locations like Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO addresses, Guam and Puerto Rico. The shipping will let sellers specify one domestic and one international discount, and there will be shipping insurance with eBay label printing.

The "ask a question" link will be moved down on item pages, and Automated Answers will be enabled for all sellers. My Messages will be able to be used as a "central inbox" for buyer email with out-of-office replies, customized email signatures, and message filtering.

eBay’s fall updates are scheduled to take place between September 7 and September 13. Read about the updates in greater detail here.

Sell on eBay? What do you think about the updates? Comment here.

eBay Talks Upcoming Updates for Sellers
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  • Guest

    LOL! Nobody trusts egay anymore. This “Update For Sellers” all it will do I am sure is piss off more sellers. News from a good reputable company who really cares about their users release updates that really benefit their users, not abuse or scared them to death. The sellers now must be scared to death. They’ll end up paying more for nothing in return.

    • gravytrain416

      I agree, paying more for nothing in return. That’s the way it usually works. Funny how they thing we’re all ignorant enough to buy the idea that a fee hike will work out cheaper for sellers in the long run. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. My fees are the highest they’ve ever been. As far as this latest round of updates, some of them actually make sense. I like the “Listing Analytics application” as they call it. Sounds like a great tool for figuring out which of these 2000 listings I need to ditch and not keep paying monthly fees on. Still don’t see anything ground-shaking in these new updates though.

  • http://www.castoff.net Guest

    Good old eBay stretching the imagination, purse strings and loyalty of their brand as usual. All geared up for the big big players now.
    There’s a little known new auction suite in the UK just starting to chip away at eBay users with personal customer service and attention to detail that real people are screaming out for. Castoff.net – take a look for them, live, kicking, new & fresh…..

    • Guest

      This is a wonderful alternative for those in the UK, but it isn’t offered outside of that.

  • *~Threads Romantic Vintage Clothing!~*

    EBay was so 90’s… lol :D
    Now, http://www.ecrater.com I’ve heard of!

    Sellers stocking their shops full of multimillions of items, zero fees, lots of traffic and a search engine that works! So refreshing! Have fun and see you there! :D

    Disclaimer: No, I do not work for them, I just love them soooo much I tell everyone that I can about them! :D

    • Guest

      I have tried most of these so called “free” sites and NONE of them gave me any traffic. I still get far more traffic and sales on eBay. Glad it’s working for you but it didn’t work for me or several others from what it appears.

  • Philip Cohen

    What more changes to help sellers? They are joking of course,

    The eBay whale has been well and truly beached now for nigh on four months, has died, and is now stinking. Unless you are somewhat mentally unbalanced, one can only stand and watch and smell the horrible aftermath of this sad, self-inflicted event for so long.

    Even I have gotten tired of watching this arrogant fool Donahoe as he has most stupidly, cruelly and inhumanely, slowly slaughtered this probably the most commercially successful golden-egg laying goose of modern times.

    One can only presume that the headless turkeys running eBay harbor great resentment towards such gifted geese

  • http://www.weightoncoin.co.uk Richard Anderson

    I came off eBay 3 years ago when they made Pypal compulsory – why would I let somebody else decide how and indeed IF I get paid. It was the best decision I ever made, but I still understand that new businesses need the exposure it can bring. In my sector (coins), there are now very few professional sellers left on there so that tells you a little of the regard it is now held in. I looked the other day at what they now charge to sell on there and I could not believe what it now costs. It can not be worth doing now unless itis your only avenue for on line selling. My advice is simple – avoid eBay like the plague and put your effort (and money) into more exposure for your own website.

  • Guest

    Well i can say that eBay were once the giant in the world of auctions, and to be honest they still are they only difference is they have lots more comp now. Site popping up trying to out do them. I think it will be a long time before it happens. I dont sell on there anymore. As i have started selling and doing pretty well on cheekyoffer.com.
    They are alittle low on items at the min (less competition) and it is totally free to use. No fees at all free images free feature ad Free Free Free.
    They have just placed a facebook Share button on every listing page as well, which is great for me as I have about 600 friends and this goes straight to them all and they pass it on. Giving me great exposure.
    Cheekyoffer all the way for me….

  • Jon

    I quit selling on eBay a long time ago. They would’t let me use Google checkout or any other payment system other than PayPal.

    PayPal has ripped me off so I refused to keep using their services and when eBay refused to let me use another payment provider, I said farewell eBay.

    • Irene

      I am an old timer with ebay and was selling and buying before they went public. They went from a collectibles and antiques site to a retail sales source. They built their business on the little guy and with every change, including the manditory use of PayPal, made it their game and forgot their roots. In this they are running away their source of income. I have found a new source for selling my antiques and collectibles on line at www.icollect247.com. They don’t play games like ebay and just charge a flat fee of $35 per month for a storefront with no listing or selling fee and you can accept what payments you want. While they are not an auction, I gave that up a long time ago because I know what my items are worth. So, while my 300 plus items are on icollect247, I use ebay only to push shoppers to my other hundreds of items I have for sale on icollect247.com.

      • MG

        It was interesting to see that you seem to let on that you use eBay to attract customers to your icollect247.com store. Someone on the eBay Forums about a year ago complained about how a “closed” eBay store, with nothing but an old calendar for sale and a link to their website where you can buy their REAL items, is higher in the eBay listings for items than theirs were. They posted looking to find a way to get eBay to remove the store. Die-hard eBay’ers may not be too happy with your setup. O.O

        Personally, with all the changes eBay makes, I wish they would bring back the seller’s ability to be able to leave a neutral or negative feedback on buyers as buyers are able to do to sellers. Sellers can “dispute” negative feedback, but it makes it more difficult and more time wasted playing around with case files and other “red-tape/paperwork” B.S. instead of sellers concentrating on selling.

        Give sellers back the ability to leave neutral and negative feedback and let the BUYER deal with disputing the feedback just like sellers do! Seems only fair to me.

  • Herb

    Most of the physical changes to the E-bay pages are horrible. Things disappear then reappear. Data in listings disappear after being entered. Pages load slowly. It’s just bad programming and bad testing. It’s seems like it’s their mission to get sellers as fed up as possible.

  • Ozzy

    Unfortunately I made the decision to quit my job 4 years ago to sell full time on ebay. At first is was great by the second year I found out why they are called feebay after paying 24k in fees for the year. They have done nothing to improve ebay from the sellers aspect since Ive been there its all about the buyer. Screw the seller there will always be another. They have made it so unless you pay to have you listings seen and obide by there ridiculous seller quidelines your listings will never be seen. I used to average 200 plus views a week on my listings as I sell cell phones. I am now lucky if I get 20 a week. Ebay did call me and told me they could fix this all I had to do is pay for ebay adwords… Ebay will always be the giant they are doing away with the small and medium sellers only wanting to have large companies selling on ebay look at buy.com. The little guy or home based business is no longer welcome there and they let you know it. I wish there was an alternative Ive tried every site out there and none get the traffic ebay does.Amazons not bad but there fees are crazier than ebays.

    • Guest

      Try cheekyoffer,com
      It is free and they are really pushing the promotion of the site. I have it is new, but you can’t complain when it is all free to use. They have sent out an email that they will be introducing an import your listings function really soon.
      Worth a look!!!

  • http://www.1stMobile.co.uk Jon Thompson

    I was taken ill a few months ago and was pretty much forced to quit ebay after a string of negs and claims for undelivered goods from sales during my illness. Ebay refused to put my shop on holiday settings even though I told them I could not get to a computer, and a paypal deficit of over

  • Guest

    I have been selling on eBay for 2 years now, and have done pretty well considering that at the time I started I was doing it part time. I agree that the fees are ridiculous. But since I have tried most of the free sites and got ZERO and I mean ZERO/NADA/NO traffic. I would rather pay the money and make sales. I am a TOP RATED SELLER on eBay and I pride myself on that fact that I did it while working a full time job and increased my business to pretty much a full time job too. I am now just doing eBay. My husband was relocated and I hated the job I was in so this allowed me to get out move and jump start my selling again. I do think that eBay should do away with listing fees if you are a “Store” operator on eBay. It’s bad enough what they charge as FVF. I did up my store level and I am actually paying less fees now than I was and yes I am making money. Since it’s summer it is very noticeably slower this year than last. But the holiday season will soon be here and it should be a fantastic one! So to those naysayer or nobayers….get complaining and move on. Some of us do want to be there and some of us are making it! (AND I AM A small to medium seller!)

    • Guest

      What a lucky bird you are! Not very many of us (smaller timers) can make that claim. You are truly blessed!

  • Sam

    Been selling on Ebay for over 10 years and have seen it go from an innovative, exciting auction site that showcased unusual memorabilia and true antique artifacts to a tube sock, electronic gadget warehouse that doesn’t care about small sellers. I could care less about Buy It Now, Power Sellers or any of that garbage. In the last few years, Ebay has made it so difficult for legitimate small sellers to navigate their feedback system and mandatory Paypal that it’s a constant struggle. I thought it was unbelievable to be kicked off selling 3 items a week for 9 years with 99.9% positive feedback when suddenly my shipping time of 3 days wasn’t good enough for them– not my buyers, but Ebay. Took me months to dig out of their hole. Totally disgusted.

  • http://13www.freespeechproducts.com Guest

    You two conspire to make your parasitic hosts, the sellers, exist to feed you. Saw through your scam immediately. (within one month) Holding my earnings for an indefinite “trust me” period so that you can “protect customers”. You hold 100% expecting 100% returns? Get Real. You are scam artists Big Time. Don’t need you any more than you need me. Tried you twice, bad experiences both times. I’m self employed, not Ebay or Paypal employed.

  • eBay – Corporate Animal

    Some of you have figured it out. eBay is a corporation with shareholders. They have decided their future is large catalog sellers. They used the small sellers to build a successful company. Now they want to get rid of small and medium sellers and focus on big fish. In the end, eBay will just be a shopping mall where many large sellers disguise themselves as “regular” guys – or not. eBay’s policies on feedback and for PayPal are geared to dump the small seller. Notice how 1 or 2 moron’s get you shut down from selling vs. large volume sellers who can easily meet the 1% to 3% bad feedback threshold – being measured by percentages and not hard counts. It allows them to operate in the 97% feedback range (the kind of seller I will not by from personally), and stay at the top of the pack – as a top rated seller while you are cut off for 1 or 2 jerks. It is stacked heavily against the small seller. You have to be near perfect while the big guys get by with being less than average. Don’t believe eBay when they say they are concerned about the buyer any more than they are concerned about you. They have shareholders. They are only concerned about the bottom line. If screwing small sellers gets helps them meet their objectives they will lose absolutely no sleep in cutting small sellers out. That’s the real world. There is no loyalty. Only money. The fact that you make a “living” on eBay has no bearing on their moral outlook or ability to sleep at night. They’ll keep pretending they care about all sellers as long as you believe it. This makes them “appear” to genuinely care. It’s only PR so they don’t look mean, ruthless, and careless. But they’ll never admit to it.

  • dwroberts

    eBay has become another example of capitalism’s most evil side. Screw the little guy, make profits at any cost, spin it as though they’re doing sellers a big favor and live in your 8 mansions bought with the millions you’ve skimmed off the profits of the people who made you rich. These liars will have a special place in hell, along with most politicians, most corporate executives and all slavers.

  • dwroberts

    Forget about all the other auction sites. Buyers go to eBay. Find another line of work. This ship has sailed.

  • ebaysucks

    Ebay buying paypal EBAY/PAYPAL made them turn in to real greedy as&$#$$holes…..they started the payhold for people or sellers with %100 feedback…..%100 dont mean $hit if you have not had positive feendback or if you have not sold anything for some time they will hold your payment from the buyer…untill the buyer has recieved their item…so you can not even use the money to ship their item…ebay sucks bad and so does paypal…will never see the old ebay again…..and their stock has droped and i hope it goes in the gutter for them they deserve it!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.racingmodels.co.uk Racers

    When will eBay learn that a drive to market domination always fails? Are these people naive, inexperienced and have just been lucky to be there at the right time? Develop your own selling channels saving the moneys you would have paid eBay, Amazon and the like. We did! And we never looked back.

  • Tim

    I hope that they burn in Hell, meaning everyone at eBay making these rules burns in Hell for the lives they have literally destroyed with their greed.

  • http://www.castoff.net Guest

    I think eBay simply cannot keep up with their users demands and the size of their foollowers. They’ve lost touch with reality and are hard driven to make amends with their never ending stream of updates and customer questionnaires. Pretty soon you can see it coming eBay will no longer be an auction site as such – it will be a shop front for other shop fronts.

    If it’s emotion, touch, feel and a bigggg big welcome you crave for you’d do far worse than support castoff.net as they move into just their second month of being live. The site has a real individual feel to it and I believe they have some big announcements to make soon that will open the eyes of their early pioneers and future auction users.

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