Duck Dynasty Shirt Landed a Student in Hot Water

    September 27, 2013
    Erika Watts
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As the Duck Commander guys say on A&E’s Duck Dynasty, “You can’t spell ‘stupid’ without ‘S,I,” and that’s a sentiment that many people are feeling after a high school student was forced to take off his Duck Dynasty shirt. The shirt features the popular Uncle Si Robertson with one of his funny sayings, “I will hurt you physically and metaphysically.” School officials at Dinwiddie High School in Virginia found the shirt threatening to the other students.

Hunter Spain and his family are huge Duck Dynasty fans, the popular show that follows a bunch of self-proclaimed redneck millionaires around watching them do everything from conduct business to duck hunting. “For this to be considered as a threat to the school,” said Edna-Jo Spain, Hunter’s mother, “I couldn’t understand it. Anybody that ever watches Duck Dynasty knows that Si Robertson is famous for his little funny slogans.”

Considering Duck Dynasty is one of the most popular shows on TV right now, it’s hard to believe that the people at the school would take it seriously, but Hunter was given the choice to turn his Duck Dynasty shirt inside out or go home and change. He opted for the latter and said, “I’m not going to look stupid in front of all of these young ladies in the school. So, I decided to get a different t-shirt.”

The school has released a statement on the offending Duck Dynasty shirt, and they said that it simply violated dress code. “If you are a Duck Dynasty fan you understand the meaning of the shirt,” said David Clark, school superintendent. “But if you haven’t watched Duck Dynasty you may question if the shirt implies violence. As a school division, we would like to keep our slogans on student shirts as non-violent as possible.”

What do you think about the Duck Dynasty shirt? Respond below. A lot of Twitter users weren’t too happy about the decision:

More popular quotes by Uncle Si, some of which have appeared on t-shirts:

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  • David

    at what point is that t-shirt not promoting violence? the fact that some redneck idiot is the source doesn’t detract from the message and expecting people to know about the show just goes to show how stupid usually doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • Gp

      You can’t fix stupid Jack!

  • Zane Kelley

    I understand the school’s decision, after all they ban God and the pledge , is it a coincidence that the Robertson’s are Christians? This country is going to hell in a handbasket!

  • Steve

    What do you expect from a school called Dimwittie? Duck Dynasty Rules!!

  • cuecello

    i think it’s a violation of free speech we are losing more and more of our constitutional rights every day big brother wants control of every aspect of our lives i think the kid should sue the school

  • missy

    its a sad say when some Stupid and u can’t spell it without S.I. teachers are offended by the most Christian show in America!!!! who actually hasn’t seen Duck Dynasty?

    • NYGramma

      Christian show?

  • Michael Popkins

    That’s because people have become stupid and are offended by anything.

  • Chris

    Ok have we really as a country come to this? If a person or people have felt threatened by a tee shirt? GROW UP PEOPLE!!

  • BamaBirdDawg

    Perhaps that school needs more “quackers” with their lunch room soup!
    Hey…some folk are just born dumb & stupid.
    Hey…most of them have a college degree.
    Hey…worst of all…Hey…some are teaching our children & grandchildren really dumb & stupid things.
    Know what I’m saying? Keep the show on the air!
    My grandkids love it..and the older folk do too!
    It’s a fact Jack…**

    • cathy m

      perhaps these schools should get back in the habit of teaching our kids instead of being the clothes police. uniforms were instituted to help correct the behavior of these kids and it’s a epic fail.

  • Go Duck Dynasty

    The only tv show our kids can watch without cursing, violence, and nudity! Really??? What has this world come to!

    • Jack

      Agree, bet a kid comes in wearing a walking dead shirt and it’s all good, they don’t care what it symbolizes.

  • Joe Martinec

    Absolutely absurd! I would be embarrased to be the person who actually decided that this was a wise decision. There is nothing offensive about that shirt, hilarious, but not offenesive.

  • Donna

    I can not believe that this school has nothing to do but harass a teenager about a Duck Dynasty t-shirt he is wearing. Everyone knows Uncle Si is a redneck and a good old country boy. He would not hurt a fly. The school probably has drugs, alcohol, and bullying going on in school, but that is not important like wearing a t-shirt that’s makes someone feel scared. The Duck Dynasty family group has been on all different kind of talk shows and other news shows for this fall, and their clothing and accessories are real hot items on the market now. Come on, and find a real problem to fix at your school……..

  • dean

    its just a shirt man people have to much time on there hands the shirt is not going to hurt any 1 its just like a gun it wont hurt any 1 either unless they act get a life

  • Theresa

    No one is offended by rappers that spew hate and vulgarity. No one is offended by the Kardashians, a bunch of immoral women being raised by the most immoral one of all. Their only fame are their sex videos and self-centered behavior.
    Si is a Vietnam vet, I say he has the right to say anything he wants. If people are disturbed by a tee shirt, they are a bunch of sissies. The Robertson’s are the most moral Christian people on TV. If you don’t believe it, read Phil Robertson’s book. Most of them are college educated ordained ministers that are hard working and successful. Congratulations on their success. Their mother is right “It goes to show you that love and family can get you through anything”.

    • ja jj

      I could not agree with you more! That T-shirt was nothing compared to those vulgar Kardashians and most rappers!! Every one knows that Duck Dynasty is a good clean show with good God fearing people who believe in family and God and they take care of each other and if any one does not know who these people are…they must live in a cave or they actually appreciate the the imbicillic actions of the likes of the Kardashians. Maybe if this student had on a T-shirt from one of the Kardashinans sex tapes that would have been OK!! Get real people!! It seems like anything good these days is so bad!!

    • christine

      I just like the show because they are a close family and are really fun. I’m not religious at all but have raised a family that are really close and enjoy each others company just like they do. Si is hysterical and that shirt is not offensive.

    • Barb

      First of all this post has nothing to do with rap and/or the Kardashians. How about posting something in support the family or support of the school…stay focused. The real problem we have in this country is that people worry so much about others. The Kardashian will stay famous because of people like you…post about them on each and every comment section on any and every forum or news outlet. News Flash…regardless if we like them or not, they are real people and you’re no better than the school by judging them off of what you see on tv. Imagine if your life was filmed…would we all agree with the things we see? And rappers? Really? They’re the only ones that spew hate…pfft pAleeese!! You can Google the 10 BEST hate songs…not a one of them is Rap! I love the Robertson’s and what they stand for…Si is my favorite! What you don’t see on that show is a bunch of judgmental people! Si quotes rap songs ALLL the time! They must not be so bad! Moral is…Don’t Judge other unless YOUR closet is clean! Stay focused on the article instead of spreading more hate in the world.

  • dean

    what is the world coming to its just a t shirt big deal theres more things to worry about than a t shirt whats it going to hurt other people wear worse things than that grow up

  • dean

    what I think is offending is the the people that wear there pants under there butt to show there boxers or under wear that afensive and stupid they must not no what that stands for but a t shirt

  • Jax

    They didn’t ban the shirt because it was threatening but for what it and Duck Dynasty represents, GOD.

    • christine

      When I watch Duck Dynasty, I don’t find it religious until they are sitting around the dinner table saying prayers.

  • Come on America

    Are we this stupid in this nation? Has this what it has come to? I have noticed lately that many of our school officials and parents at the high school level are delusional. These are the problems at the high school level:

    We have teenagers stabbing elderly people because they are bored, teenagers using drugs like crazy, teenagers having sex like rabbits, young girls purposely going after sex with older men, young boys purposely plotting to kill people, teenagers stealing cars for kicks, teenagers fighting over race – sometimes even killing over race, and heck, I just saw a story on how steroid is rampant at high schools.

    I believe in holding teenagers responsible for their decisions — in the year 2013, teenagers are no longer children. However, this is ridiculous. We have morons running our states/local governments and school systems.

    • Exactly Right

      I agree. Our teenagers are not children anymore. Anyone who thinks they are –is delusional and so out of touch with the modern world. This is 2013 and not 1950.

      I also agree that this incident however is just plain stupid. It is a t-shirt. However, school officials and some parents rather deal with t-shirts and not the real problems.

  • Keith

    sooooooo, boys can wear the pants hanging off their butts and hoodies and that is ok, but a kid can’t wear a shirt from Duck Dynasty. I am so glad I am not in high school…>I would have been suspended and kicked out for sure.

  • Let Me Get this Straight

    My kid can go to a high school and see a girl wearing a g-string because her pants are so far down or can see a guy’s butt because his pants are so far down …. but apparently that is okay and a t-shirt that is clearly meant to be a joke … is wrong?

    Do people out there have any idea of what is really going on in high school? Do people actually think high school kids are children still? I hate to tell you that they are doing everything adults are doing —- and yes, they know what they are doing. They are CHOOSING to do the things they do. They are not naive anymore.

    I guess it is easier to ban a t-shirt than to deal with the reality of life in 2013.

  • christine

    The guys on Duck Dynasty are hilarious. I’m not religious, nor do I think hunting is okay but this family is really awesome. They are obviously hard working, loving, and good people. The stuff Si says is just the funniest and I hardly think this shirt is a threat. Schools are just ridiculous and if there are so many issues with dressing for school, then ALL schools should have uniforms.

  • Dina H.

    Give me a break on the comments! I am a Duck Dynasty fan and find the shirt funny, but rules are rules. For those that are arguing that girls can show their g-strings are boys can wear their pants low… I don’t find that argument too valid unless it is posted by someone at the same school that said no to the t-shirt (kids have to change at our public school if they have low pants or are showing bra/underwear straps). Now if they had suspended the kid, that would be protest-worthy, but just giving him the option of wearing the shirt inside out or changing: I think that is fine. With all the problems in our schools, this is not the issue that deserves your passion!

    • Jack

      But is it worth the time to address it? Teachers and principal should have bigger fish to fry than this shirt, no wonder our education is so bad off. Nitpicking over nothing instead of teaching and taking care of real problems.

  • Richard

    I agree with pretty much every post listed. The school administration and school board should focus on teaching the students and address the other issues of drugs, drinking and sex that are taking place in this school on a daily basis by students. I have been to this school and witnessed students wearing t-shirts with skulls and crossbones on them and one t-shirt with a picture of a dagger with blood dripping from it and this does not promote violence or negativity???
    There are some good teachers and administrators in this school system but the majority of the individuals on the board and in the administrative offices are a joke. They want the job titles, roles and the pay but do not want to focus on the real problems and issues at hand. All I can say is that I am glad that my child has graduated and not attending school in this system any longer.

  • Krys

    Give me a break. This high school’s actions are the definition of anal.

  • Jodi

    Come on, all of this over a T-shirt from Duck Dynasty??? Really??? Get over it ( whatever the school’s name is), and start worrying about more inappropriate things happening in your school. Love Duck Dynasty and the shirt too, I think it’s funny. :)

  • angiefuentes

    My son wore a Duck Dynasty shirt to school that said ” Im like an owl,I don’t give a hoot” he was stopped during morning meeting by the principal and asked ” you don’t care about what? You don’t care about school?” My son was a 4th grader

  • Gloria

    Even if you were not a DD fan, 99.9% of people would not consider this shirt threatening. READ THE DAMN THING! It’s funny!

  • sheery regalado

    Can no one take a joke. I love Duck Dynasty and Uncle Si in particular. Anyone that really like a funny joke would never have found offense in this shirt. Find something that is a real threat instead of reading bad into something funny.

  • Judith

    Anybody who buys anything Duck Dynasty related deserved to be punched in their throat.