‘Duck Dynasty:’ A&E Signs Robertson Family Through 2015

    August 27, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Duck Dynasty has seen its ratings wane since patriarch Phil Robertson spoke his mind about homosexuality to GQ magazine. Despite that decline, however, A&E has signed the Duck Commander clan on to their network lineup–all the way through 2015.

Fans were reportedly starting to worry that the famous family that makes duck calls might be leaving the small screen. Apparently that’s not the case–at least for the foreseeable future.

Alan Robertson is Phil Robertson’s oldest son, and is sometimes known as the ‘first beardless’ member of the Duck Dynasty clan. He had the following to say about the future of the show.

“We know we’re locked in for at least another full year — through 2015. Beyond that, we really don’t know,” he said during a recent interview. “We have recommitted this year–both our family and the network production crew–to putting out some really good stories from our family that we can all enjoy.”

Oh, and was it mentioned that Alan Robertson is a pastor? And that Miss Kay admitted in a previous episode that he was–gasp–born out of wedlock?

“One of the best additions is they’re starting to put me on the air more. For awhile, I joked that they only brought me on when they wanted the big ratings. To this day the highest rated show is the wedding, so I want to thank all of America for making my debut so meaningful,” Alan Robertson said of future episodes.

Duck Dynasty has averaged a respectable 4.3 million viewers per episode during season six. And while that doesn’t even begin to measure up to the 12 million viewers that watched their ‘Til Duck Do Us Part famous episode, it’s still not bad–especially when compared to other reality shows.

Are you among the many diehard Duck Dynasty fans who are no doubt thrilled to learn that Phil Robertson, Uncle Si, Miss Kay, and even Rev. Robertson will all be returning to A&E for the next year or so?

  • Rick Schweikert

    Glad to see them back, one of the few shows I enjoy.

    • m.Metzger

      Me too

  • Tony Sorrells

    dont really care. boycotted the entire channel along withmy family and most of my extended family. ill go back to watching once the show is cancelled and i know they wont play reruns.

    • Stan Williams

      Glad to see you not watching. I hope they play the show and the reruns until the end of time.

  • thetnrebel

    you left wig hate folks have been putting this show out for years. it is still number one cable show in it time

  • Martin Mayberry

    Evidently the ratings did not WANE too much! God Bless duck dynasty for their Stand for GOD!!

  • Ron Hall

    Duck Dynasty has made me more appreciative of God and my family.

    • Buster

      Amen Ron!!!! Ratings aren’t eveything! Its still a great show!!!