Drunk Guy Tweets YOLO Moments Before Fatal Car Wreck

    September 5, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Words. Words sometimes fail you.

In a twist of tragic irony, a 21-year-old Ontario, CA man was involved in a brutal car wreck just moments after tweeting the popular catchphrase YOLO. If you’re unfamiliar with YOLO, it’s that super annoying thing the kids are saying, oftentimes used to justify poor decisions, which translates to “You Only Live Once.”

Five men were killed in the crash, after their 2005 Nissan Sentra blew through a red light and smashed into a wall. Four were pronounced dead at the scene, and the fifth was taken to the hospital where he later died. Police are saying that there is a high likelihood that alcohol played a factor.

They began working under that assumption largely because of tweets belonging to Ervin McKinness, one of the victims. Although he was not driving the vehicle, according to police, he was giving a pretty clear play-by-play of the situation on Twitter.

First, this tweet:

And soon after, this tweet which stands as his final tweet before the crash:

By most accounts, McKinness was a decent guy who obviously made a really stupid decision or two. YOLO, kids. Seriously – you get one shot. Don’t go out like this.

[Image courtesy Philly Blunt]

  • mike

    Unfortunate “tragedy,” it’s in quotes because the schools systems dont do jack shit about underage drinking/drug use.
    Source for my knowledge? 3 rehabs, and I’m only 20.

    Worrying about politics of what’s appropriate to teach about substance abuse is KILLING kids.

    Needless to say, when drunk, we don’t make the best decisions. Could have been a really cool guy and just made a dumb mistake, shit happens to people… Unfortunately, more people under the age of 30 are dying than ever have before due to drug/alcohol use.

    • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com AngersAusomeAussies

      Ur only 20 & 3 rehabs!! Wake up & die right! At some point , very soon, when R U going 2 start taking responsiblity for urself & stop blaming in on society & everyone else. WAKE UP MIKE before it’s too late. YODO!! Get a life!

  • Nick

    Ya “tragedy” is right. Although last time I checked the school system was responsible for teens alcohol/drug use. Sure in health class they teach you NOT to do drugs, but do the f’kin idiots kids nowadays ever listen. No. Did the kids of our parents generation do drugs? Sure, but they didn’t go trying to pin their drug use on someone else. That falls into the hands of the parents and the kids. Let’s be honest, by the time you’re in high school you should be able to make you’re own decisions, and be held responsible for the consequences of you’re decisions. Rehab 3 times… Are we going to blame the rehab centers next?

  • An Unmarried Man

    Ah the joys of idiotic youth!

    I suspect they forget the corollary to “YOLO”…”YODO”

  • ToMike

    mike, at some point in your life start taking responsibility for your own actions and not blaming it on others and you might not end up in rehab for the 4th time / dead sometime soon.

    oh yea, fluffhead

  • http://Teamzoo.com TeamZoo

    I’ve seen this video it came out a while ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=dYNI_Kk0_Bo

  • Drew

    Your Otiose Life Obliterated!

  • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com AngersAusomeAussies

    No one puts a gun to one’s head to make one smoke or drink. It is not the responsiblity of the schools. At 18, one is suppose to be an adult & act like one. I sure hope no innocent by passer was killed because of the stupidity of these kids. People who turn to destructive behavior like alchol & drugs have no life, no goals, no morals & do not take responsiblity for their actions. Well, they learned the hard way! YODO!!

    • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com AngersAusomeAussies

      Oh ya, one more thing–who gets stuck paying for the damages to the wall? Most likely us tax payers!

  • adam


  • Tony

    Is the wall ok?