Amtrak Crashes Into Driver Who Survives

By: Tina Volpe - December 12, 2013

This morning at around 6 a.m. Eastern Time, in Waverly, Virginia a man drove across the train tracks and was hit by an Amtrak train doing around 80 miles per hour.

How he survived is a miracle. The man, Untron Drew, drove around the crossing safety bars, as police explained, “A 2000 Ford Crown Victoria, driven by Untron Drew, attempted to drive around a crossing bar, disregarding warning lights and functional crossing bar,” Virginia State Police spokeswoman Sgt Michelle Anaya wrote in an email. “Mr. Drew has been med flighted to VCU, in Richmond, with non-life threatening injuries.”

Sgt. Anaya did mention there was alcohol involved, and that the driver was suspected to be drunk.

A Waverly man told CBS 6 reporter Jerrita Patterson there were problems with the railroad crossing arm last week. Patterson will investigate those claims.

Luckily the train did not derail on its way to Boston, and was only delayed 2 hours.

Northeast Regional train 174, operating from Norfolk to Boston, struck a vehicle at 5:57 am in Waverly. There were no reported injuries by any of the 46 passengers,” Amtrak spokeswoman Christina Leeds wrote in an email. “The train will continue on when released by local authorities.”

Image via Virginia State Police Dept.

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  • http://webpronews hangman

    Bet the car driver was stone sober after the train hit him. (It was a sobering experoience, oh, yeah.)

  • http://webpronews hangman

    A selling point for FORD. They take a licking and , sometimes, keep on ticking.

  • Tina Volpe

    HA – except that ford wasn’t going anywhere EVER again… It was done.